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Patrick appoints interim head of health agency

The governor tapped a new interim commissioner to oversee the state Department of Public Health, which has been rocked by the drug lab and meningitis scandals.

A satellite image showed Hurricane Sandy over the Bahamas on Thursday.

Hurricane Sandy hits Bahamas

The storm barreled into the Bahama after slashing across eastern Cuba.

Mitt Romney criticized by gay-rights groups

Romney faced criticism for taking steps as Massachusetts governor to prevent routine documenting of births to same-sex parents.

Court allows Romney testimony to be unsealed

Mitt Romney’s sworn testimony in a post-divorce lawsuit against Staples founder Tom Stemberg was unsealed today.

Friday Preview | Movie Review

‘Cloud Atlas’ is up in the air

The movie, starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, is a dazzling cinematic folly that is absurdly watchable — but banal beneath.

Tech Lab

LG’s smart TV not nearly smart enough

This big, brilliant set is supposed to seamlessly integrate traditional programs with Internet content, but the smart TV features miss the mark.

Downtown Aquila, Italy, was decimated in a 6.3 magnitude earthquate in 2009.

Juliette Kayyem

Science and the civic duty

The guilty verdict against Italian scientists for failing to predict a deadly earthquake highlights how much society has come to believe in science, and its use of evidence and deduction.

// NBA commissioner David Stern to retire

Stern, commissioner since 1984, will depart his role on Feb. 1, 2014. Deputy commissioner Adam Silver will replace him.

Yvonne Abraham

Celebrating Halloween at home

Artist Megan Dickerson and some neighbors are hoping to stem the exodus of trick-or-treaters in Roxbury by making Hutchings Street Halloween Central this year.