John Farrell to be Sox manager

The former Boston pitching coach and Toronto manager will return to lead the Red Sox. A team source said Mike Aviles will be part of the compensation deal.

The stage is set for a fierce collision when President Obama and Mitt Romney meet Monday night in Florida for a foreign policy debate.

One last presidential clash, with world their stage

President Obama and Mitt Romney share some views on foreign policy, but Monday’s debate is likely to highlight harsh divides.

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Gay marriage supporters seek historic win in Maine

Legalization was shot down by voters three years ago, but shifting attitudes have backers feeling hopeful this time.

As Boston considers returning to a system of neighborhood schools, Seattle has already made the switch. Here, a Seattle teacher led a book discussion.


Seattle schools may hold lessons for Boston

Seattle shows the possibilities and the pitfalls of untangling from complicated citywide assignment systems and returning to neighborhoods schools.

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Rex Ryan, Jets have gone quiet on Patriots

What happened to the snack-eating, smack-talking bunch that loved to tug on Superman’s cape and antagonize Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?

Military personnel entered Northcom’s underground command center outside of Colorado Springs.

Military role on US soil a complex challenge

The United States Northern Command is being asked to do more than anticipated, raising anew questions about the proper role of the active-duty military in domestic affairs.

Legal problems could multiply in meningitis outbreak

A nationwide meningitis outbreak linked to a Framingham drug compounding pharmacy is likely to cause a flood of lawsuits, according to legal specialists.

Raquel Colon, a daughter of Pedro Rodriguez, who was found dead in the Charles River, in front of a shrine in his honor at her home in Cambridge.

A father’s death leaves family hurt, perplexed

When the body of an older man was pulled from the Charles River earlier this month, who he was and how he came to die got lost in all the focus on a missing graduate student.

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// The 1969 peace rally

The Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam on Oct. 15, 1969 was a huge gathering of antiwar protesters across the United States, with an estimated 100,000 people assembled at the Boston Common.


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Streaming gaining popularity, but satisfaction lags

Satisfaction scores for streaming-video services were lower than for most other services Consumer Reports has rated during the past few years.