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Prosecutor with ties to drug lab chemist resigns

The Norfolk County prosecutor who carried on a phone and e-mail correspondence with state chemist Annie Dookhan resigned, saying he did not want to be “a further distraction.”

Man arrested in alleged plot to bomb Fed

The man tried to blow up a van outside the Federal Reserve in New York, officials said, but the plot was part of an FBI sting and the bomb was not real.

// Bloomberg unveils $10m election push

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning to spend more than $10 million in the final weeks before Election Day to promote moderate candidates around the US.

Four more die in meningitis outbreak

Health officials put the death toll at 19 from the meningitis outbreak linked to a Framingham pharmacy.

Ethel Kennedy (right, with her daughter, Rory), the focus of a new HBO film, hasn’t slowed down much at age 84.

Bill Greene/Globe Staff

Exclusive Thursday Preview | Lifestyle

Ethel Kennedy, in twilight and limelight

Rory Kennedy’s documentary on HBO puts her mother, Ethel, in the spotlight. But frankly, she’s more at home on the golf course.

Leandro Barbosa of the Pacers is seen guarding Dwyane Wade during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals last season.

Celtics sign guard Leandro Barbosa

Barbosa played for Toronto and Indiana last season and could find a role as Rajon Rondo’s backup at point guard for the Celtics.

// The story behind Mitt Romney’s ‘binders full of women’

Romney’s claim about seeking out women’s groups to provide a list of qualified women for cabinet positions isn’t entirely accurate.

Brian McGrory

No shame for Rep. John Tierney

Tierney is engaged in a novel political strategy, his declaration that, by not knowing about the illegal gambling venture of his brothers-in-law, he’s not all that sharp.

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//[1]--90x90.jpg Revealing ‘The Real Romney’

Join Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, authors of “The Real Romney,” to discuss the Republican presidential candidate’s life and history.


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Lance Armstrong, shown in 2009, is stepping down as chairman of the Livestrong charity.

Lance Armstrong leaves charity, dropped by Nike

Armstrong, ensnared in a doping scandal, said he wants to shield the cancer-fighting Livestrong foundation from damage, while Nike said he “misled” the company.


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Shoppers turned out for “Midnight Madness” in Wrentham in 2006. Local police have pushed for security cameras.

Wrentham debates end to ‘Midnight Madness’ at mall

Officials are debating whether to turn the lights out on the day-after-Thanksgiving all-night shopping extravaganza at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.

Food & dining

Vicki Lee Boyajian brought to California dozens of fragile fondant flowers, multiple layers of frozen cakes, fruit-tart shells, frozen buttercream, and more.

Baker goes the distance for weddings

For an experienced bakery owner like Vicki Lee Boyajian, two weddings at the same time is a piece of cake. Even if both weddings are in California.