Presidential debate analysis

Audience questions underscore nation’s wounds

The debate is likely to be remembered for the pain expressed by so many of the questioners, testimony to the fallout of the Great Recession.

Interactive graphic

// Visualizing intensity at town hall debate

This graphic measures the frequency of the back-and-forths between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during Tuesday night’s debate.

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Quake triggers ‘unusual event’ at nuclear plant; no damage

The lowest of four levels of emergency classifications was triggered at the Seabrook nuclear power plant, which was down for maintenance and refueling.

Lance Armstrong leaves charity, dropped by Nike

Armstrong, ensnared in a doping scandal, said he wants to shield the cancer-fighting Livestrong foundation from damage, while Nike said he “misled” the company.

A Cuban anti-aircraft battery in October, 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis.


Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

In 1962, did a mistake save the world?

John F. Kennedy relied on a history book to guide him in the Cuban Missile Crisis — and we now know that book was wrong.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots coaches struggled in Seattle.

On football | Midweek Report

Patriots coaches dropped the ball in Seattle

The Patriots players did well enough to beat the Seahawks, but some critical mistakes and risky decisions were made by New England’s coaches.

Matthew Spencer still suffers from occasional headaches.

Fungal infection poses challenges to patients, officials

With the expanding fungal meningitis outbreak, officials are dealing with a disease difficult to diagnose, and with treatment risky and arduous.

Annie Dookhan contacted Norfolk Assistant District Attorney George Papachristos often and in a familiar way. Her husband tried repeatedly to contact a startled Papachristos.

Chemist often called, wrote to prosecutor

Annie Dookhan carried on an unauthorized correspondence with a prosecutor whose drug evidence she analyzed.

Globe Insiders

Globe Talk | Oct. 23, 6 p.m.

//[1]--90x90.jpg Revealing ‘The Real Romney’

Join Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, authors of “The Real Romney,” to discuss the Republican presidential candidate’s life and history.


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Shoppers turned out for “Midnight Madness” in Wrentham in 2006. Local police have pushed for security cameras.

Wrentham debates end to ‘Midnight Madness’ at mall

Officials are debating whether to turn the lights out on the day-after-Thanksgiving all-night shopping extravaganza at the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.

Food & dining

Vicki Lee Boyajian brought to California dozens of fragile fondant flowers, multiple layers of frozen cakes, fruit-tart shells, frozen buttercream, and more.

Baker goes the distance for weddings

For an experienced bakery owner like Vicki Lee Boyajian, two weddings at the same time is a piece of cake. Even if both weddings are in California.