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Boy, 14, arraigned in fatal Dorchester stabbing

Ernest Watkins IV, who is being charged as an adult in the stabbing death of 39-year-old Cherby LaJoie, was ordered held without bail.

Menino seeks $15m to handle convicts from lab scandal

Mayor Thomas M. Menino today asked Governor Patrick for the funds to help handle the possible influx of convicted drug dealers released in the state drug lab scandal.

Other drugs from Mass. firm may have led to illnesses

Officials warned that any injectable drugs -- not just steroid injections -- made by a Framingham facility at the center of a meningitis outbreak are of “significant concern.”

Judge to allow Mattapan victim’s testimony at retrial

Marcus Hurd, the man wounded in the 2010 quadruple slaying, testified at the first trial that he couldn’t identify the shooters, but has since changed his testimony.

“Harmony in Blue and Silver: Trouville” by James McNeill Whistler.

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Taking a look at Courbet, in a Whistler canvas

In the beautiful “Harmony in Blue and Silver: Trouville,” James McNeill Whistler, a former protégé of Gustave Courbet, paints the paunchy figure of his master on the beach.

Inside Chatham Lighthouse, an active Coast Guard station.

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Chatham Lighthouse hitting the big screen

For 204 years, the lighthouse has figured prominently in Chatham’s history, including a daring sea rescue that has inspired Disney filmmakers.

Among the advice offered to Ty Burr: lights, bright clothing, and mirrors.

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Cyclists offer some (mostly) kind advice

Readers responded to last week’s article on urban cycling — and raised a few points the writer missed.

Mitt Romney spoke in Portsmouth, Ohio, last week.

Romney, GOP raised $170.5m in September

The figure puts Mitt Romney’s fund-raising effort slightly behind President Obama’s $181 million haul for the month.

Globe Insiders

Globe Talk | Oct. 23, 6 p.m.

//[1]--90x90.jpg Revealing ‘The Real Romney’

Join Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, authors of “The Real Romney,” to discuss the Republican presidential candidate’s life and history.


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After loss in Seattle, focus is on Patriots’ defense

The defense, and especially its inability to avoid big plays by opposing pass offenses, is receiving renewed emphasis in the wake of the defeat to the Seahawks.


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Movie Review

Samantha Mathis stars as Dagny Taggart in “Atlas Shrugged Part II.”

The shrugging continues in ‘Atlas Shrugged Part II’

Here’s the thing about filming a great big book of capitalist science-fiction. If you’re enslaved to its every idea, one movie will never do.

Health and wellness

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“There’s a lot of interest in trying to understand how these bacterial products educate the immune system,” said Dr. Ramnik Xavier of Mass. General Hospital.

Researchers rethink role of bacteria in our health

Seven decades after penicillin revolutionized the treatment of infections by killing bacteria, medicine is poised for another revolution.