Patriots at Seahawks | live updates

Patriots add to lead to start 2d half

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (right) returned to action against the Seahawks.

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Stephen Gostkowski converted on a 35-yard field goal to give New England a 20-10 lead.

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How grocery shopping got personal

We hop from store to store, searching for the best deal and the best quality. How the business of selling groceries is changing—and improving—to suit us.

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Democracy for sale

A former Republican congressman calls the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision a grave error.

Michelle Dipp has OvaScience in line to join the Nasdaq stock exchange.


Michelle Dipp, 36, reflects biotech’s next generation

If Cambridge biotech company OvaScience lands on the Nasdaq stock exchange next year, Dipp would be among the youngest CEOs of a public company in Mass.

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An undated family photo of Elizabeth Marriott.

Search for body of UNH student halted

Authorities temporarily called off the search Sunday for the body of University of New Hampshire student Elizabeth Marriott, believed to have been killed by an acquaintance.

CDC confirms 4 NH patients have meningitis

The four adults in New Hampshire were the first New Englanders to be affected by a nationwide outbreak linked to a Framingham compounding pharmacy.

Felix Baumgartner exited his capsule at the beginning of his record-setting jump on Sunday.

Baumgartner breaks sound barrier in daring feat

Felix Baumgartner became the first skydiver to fall faster than the speed of sound after successfully completing a 24-mile jump Sunday from the stratosphere.

Arlen Specter answered questions in Philadelphia in this May 18, 2010, photo during his re-election bid for US Senate.

Longtime GOP Senate moderate Arlen Specter dies

Former Senator Arlen Specter, the outspoken Pennsylvania centrist whose switch from Republican to Democrat ended a 30-year career, died Sunday. He was 82.


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Andrea Winterer not only reduced the interest rate on her Natick mortgage but also cut the term and saves money.

Consumers are flocking to shorter loan terms

More homeowners in Mass. and across the US are refinancing home loans to shorter terms, paying off their debts faster and saving thousands of dollars.

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Don Matyja, a 50-year-old Army veteran, says, ‘‘They figure if they don’t see you, then the problem don’t exist.”

Many new city ordinances targeting homeless

The homeless say the rules are a thinly veiled attempt to push them out of one city and into another by criminalizing the daily activities they cannot avoid.