Barely supervised, some housing chiefs stray badly

A Globe review found that Mass. housing directors face little accountability in a system vulnerable to incompetence, indolence, and worse.

Elizabeth Warren is known for pushing students without being mean at Harvard Law School.


At Harvard, Elizabeth Warren has warm reputation

The Senate candidate is widely admired by students and faculty at Harvard Law School, where she was known for being tough but fair.

In twist, evangelicals now backing Mitt Romney

Long wary of his Mormon faith, the religious right is now rallying to the GOP candidate’s cause in critical swing states.

Kevin Cullen

Accentuate candidates, eliminate moderator

In this election cycle, the role and performance of the debate moderator has been as widely discussed as anything the candidates say.

Jessica Wood ties son Emmett’s shoes as her mother, Anne Low, looks on. Wood and her family live with her parents while they try to get out of debt. For now, buying even a used car (below) is a strain.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

A young couple caught up in the middle

Randy and Jessica Wood just wanted the old equation of hard work and opportunity to work for them as it had for generations. But, as for so many, the good life remains just out of reach.

Andrea Winterer not only reduced the interest rate on her Natick mortgage but also cut the term and saves money.

Consumers are flocking to shorter loan terms

More homeowners in Mass. and across the US are refinancing home loans to shorter terms, paying off their debts faster and saving thousands of dollars.

Elizabeth Marriott in an undated family photo.

N.H. man charged in death of UNH student

Seth J. Mazzaglia, 29, has been charged with the murder of Elizabeth Marriott, 19, a University of New Hampshire student and Westborough native.


State’s in trouble; where’s Patrick?

Lately, Governor Deval Patrick seems more interested in reelecting President Obama than answering for troubling developments on his watch.

Boston Scientific Corp.’s chief executive, Hank Kucheman, will be handing over the company’s reins on Nov. 1 to president Mike Mahoney under a transition plan outlined a year ago.

Boston Scientific venturing into new territory

The Natick company, which has struggled in recent years, is repositioning itself and its products in a shifting health care landscape.

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