Vice Presidential debate

Biden, Ryan spar in heated debate

Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan squared off on issues ranging from Afghanistan and Iran to jobs and abortion.


Joe Biden, Paul Ryan deliver what their parties hoped for

Biden articulated the Democrats’ critique of Mitt Romney with a passionate, even pugilistic, style. A poised Ryan fought him closely ­every step of the way.

Boston girds for prisoners freed in drug lab scandal

Fearing the potential release of hundreds of convicted criminals, officials announced plans to put more specialized police units on the streets.

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European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize

The EU was awarded for its efforts to promote peace and democracy during the union’s biggest crisis since its creation in the 1950s.

Brian McGrory

‘Served’ in Afghanistan? Scott Brown?

Scott Brown says he “served” in Afghanistan. But it was less than two weeks, and, let’s be honest, it was more like a visit.

Senator Scott Brown greeted his wife, Gail Huff, after returning from his military tour in Afghanistan last year.


For Scott Brown, politics and military entwine

Since being elected to the Senate in 2010, Brown has used his unusual opportunities through the National Guard as fodder for his campaign.

// Cherington knows Sox erred at top

The Red Sox GM admits the team lost its way in recent years, and he has a plan to rebuild the team into a championship caliber club.

The crowd of mourners at the funeral Mass of Larry Reynolds, 80, spilled out of St. Jude Church and on to Main Street in Waltham on Thursday.

Larry Reynolds, fiddler of local renown, is mourned

Thousands of people turned out in Waltham over the course of two days to say goodbye to Reynolds, who spread traditional Irish music like a missionary.


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Pete Carroll has gone 17-20 in his first three seasons with the Seahawks.

How Pete Carroll helped the Patriots

Carroll will face New England Sunday for the first time since leaving the team in 2000. But the effects of his tenure here still linger for him and the Patriots.