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2d company will halt operations in outbreak

A Westborough pharmacy related to the Framingham company at the heart of a fungal meningitis outbreak will cease its compounding operations pending an investigation, officials said.

Record settlement reached for New Bedford cleanup

A manufacturing company has agreed to pay $366 million -- the largest cash settlement in the history of the federal Superfund program -- to clean up PCB-laden New Bedford Harbor.

Senate Debate | 7 p.m.

Brown, Warren square off in Springfield

The Globe’s Glen Johnson will provide live updates from the third Senate debate tonight.

Romney locks down vital swing states, poll center says

Mitt Romney is a lock to win the battlegrounds of Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, according to Suffolk University’s Political Research Center.

Nate Stearns, Alex Moore, and author Michael Andor Brodeur shuck corn, one of many tasks at Nautical Thanksgiving in Scituate.

aram boghosian for the boston globe

G cover

Nautical Thanksgiving, a made-up holiday done right

A homemade celebration shares food, stories, and company.

Television Review

// ‘Nashville’ hits most of the right notes

The ABC show thrives on melodrama and big twists but gives its characters more depth than you generally find in network lather-fests.

Anxious people checked the Associated Press teletype machine in the Boston Globe's downtown office on Oct. 22, 1962, as President John F. Kennedy declared a blockade of military equipment bound for Cuba.

Opinion | Nicholas Burns

Cuban Missile Crisis holds lessons for presidential race

The crisis could have ended in nuclear war, but instead leaders opted for diplomacy and compromise to avoid catastrophe.

Annie Dookhan

Dookhan makes appearance at Drumgold drug hearing

Disgraced chemist Annie Dookhan invoked the Fifth Amendment today at a hearing where a judge refused to dismiss charges against Shawn Drumgold.


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The USADA began laying out the evidence it used to ban Lance Armstrong for life.

Armstrong at center of doping

Armstrong’s cycling team had the “most sophisticated” doping program ever in the sport, according to the agency that banned him from racing for life.


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