Mitt Romney shifts tone to try to win over women

The GOP candidate has delivered a retooled and more moderate appeal that is designed to win over key slices of the women’s vote.

“We need to be listened to, we need to be heard,” says Wendy Ernst (right) with sons Robert (left) and Paul in their home.

Lexington reeling over parent’s timeout op-ed

Residents’ confidence in the town’s schools is still shaken after a parent’s allegations about the treatment of his daughter in a special-ed class.

Write-downs give some homeowners a break

Pushed by government incentives and political pressure, mortgage lenders are forgiving millions in loans.

Officials wary of medical marijuana

Prosecutors and police are sounding alarms about an initiative in Mass. to legalize marijuana for medical use, saying it is ripe for exploitation.

Yolanda Beavers, a heart recipient from Texas, met Carolyn Corbett (right), the mother of donor Kristen Corbett, who died in a car crash.

Heart transplant recipient meets relatives, friends of crash victim

The parents of a student killed in a crash met the woman saved by her heart at a memorial charity race in Billerica.

Hall of Fame-bound quarterback Peyton Manning, who has had a series of surgical procedures on his neck, will attempt Sunday to carve up the Patriots’ defense at Gillette Stadium.


broncos at patriots | 4:25 p.m. | cbs

Broncos put their faith in Peyton Manning

When Manning and his Hall of Fame-caliber legacy joined the Broncos this year, his teammates immediately took to following his lead.

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Are Mass. high schoolers taking too many AP classes?

In an era when elite students fill their days with Advanced Placement courses, counselors and admissions officers say there can be too much of a good thing.

Ginna is living at a shelter on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston after being turned away more than once.

Yvonne Abraham

A safety net that is leaving more people out

While boosting resources for permanent housing, the state has begun turning away an alarming number of homeless families from its shelter system.


Inside the minds of tomorrow’s voters

Long before they can cast a ballot, young people develop their own ways of seeing politics, Connie Flanagan has found.


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Patriots vs. Broncos | Sunday, 4:25 p.m. | CBS

Tom Brady will be facing off with his old rival, Peyton Manning, for the first time since Manning went to Denver.

Patriots’ keys to a win vs. Broncos

Peyton Manning and the Broncos invade Foxborough. Jim McBride has the scouting report on how Tom Brady and the Patriots can beat them.


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Are you ready for an online course?

As colleges and universities offer more online courses, many educators say prospective students should consider carefully before enrolling in such programs.


Karen Williams, a worker with Leon County, fed ballots into a machine at the elections office in Tallahassee, Fla. Mailed ballots are more likely to be contested.

As voting by mail rises, so do problems with ballots

Votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised, and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth, statistics show.


book review

Alexander Dumas photographed by Gaspard Felix Tournachon in 1857.

‘The Black Count’ by Tom Reiss

The French novelist Alexandre Dumas had some African blood, for which he was sometimes vilified; despite his immense popularity in the mid-nineteenth century.


At Hualalai Spa, volcanic mud at the apothecary (pictured) and the outdoor pool.

In the Big Island’s spas, luxury for the less active

On the sun-drenched Kohala Coast, there’s a surprising concentration of spas offering Hawaiian treatments with indigenous ingredients, lomi lomi massage, and open-air huts.