For transplant recipient, a life resumed

Richard Mangino of Revere drives, paints, and even plays the guitar, thanks to the new hands and forearms he received in a 12-hour transplant operation a year ago.


Transplant recipient show progress

“The doctors say I can do anything,” Richard Mangino said.

Dan Shaughnessy

Red Sox did well in acting quickly

Bobby Valentine was goofy, opinionated, telegenic, smart, calculating, connected, and a little off the reservation. He was also not a very good manager of this underachieving team.

// Red Sox brass discuss firing, next steps

Team president Larry Lucchino and general manager Ben Cherington declined to say whether there would be in-house candidates for the role of skipper.

Fans look forward to moving on

Red Sox fans interviewed by the Globe were not surprised the ax came down on Bobby Valentine, though they did not solely blame him for the team’s debacle.

Five deaths tied to meningitis outbreak

Officials expanded a recall of a Framingham pharmacy’s drugs and urged doctors and hospitals to discard all products from the firm.

Nurses to strike Friday at Baystate Franklin

Unionized nurses at the Greenfield medical center plan to hold a 24-hour strike to protest what they say are demands for unreasonable concessions in contract negotiations.

Revealing images, left, were seen by agents in private rooms. Now, gender-neutral outlines, right, are visible to traveler and TSA.


TSA unveils less revealing body scanners at Logan

The new scanners show only generic outlines of passengers instead of detailed images of their naked bodies.


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On Baseball

Bobby Valentine led the Red Sox to a last-place finish in his only season as the Boston manager.

Why Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox didn’t work

Valentine was doomed from the start in his tenure as Red Sox manager. The team and management just wouldn’t buy in to his vision of how to run a club.


Fact check

Mitt Romney and President Obama at ing Thursdays debate in Denver.

In debate attacks, context was lacking

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney stretched the truth or omitted key details on health care, deficit reduction, and their own records.


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Book Review

‘Son’ by Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is too fine a writer to write a bad book. But no writer is too great for stumbling, as she demonstrates in her long-awaited, young adult novel.