Red Sox fire Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine rode his bike on Huntington Avenue not long after it was announced that he was fired as Red Sox manager.

After presiding over one of the worst seasons in Red Sox history, Valentine was dismissed. The Red Sox are seeking their third manager in three seasons.

On Baseball

// Why Valentine and the Red Sox didn’t work

Bobby Valentine was doomed from the start. The team and management just wouldn’t buy in to his vision of how to run a club.

Five deaths now tied to rare meningitis outbreak

Officials expanded a recall of a Framingham pharmacy’s drugs and urged doctors and hospitals to discard all products from the firm.

Friday Preview | Movie Review

Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’ is a marvel to behold

The stop-motion tale is simple yet immensely pleasurable — elegant, very funny, and haunted gently by the ghosts of monster movies past.

Pope John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II visits Boston

Oct. 1, 1979, thousands lined the streets of Boston to welcome Pope John Paul II to the city.

Mitt Romney and President Obama at ing Thursdays debate in Denver.

Fact check

In debate attacks, context was lacking

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney stretched the truth or omitted key details on health care, deficit reduction, and their own records.

Mitt Romney spoke to the regional Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Denver on Thursday.

Day after debate, Romney basks while Obama challenges

Speaking to conservative activists, an invigorated Mitt Romney envisioned an inaugural celebration, while President Obama accused Romney remaking himself on the debate stage.


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‘Son’ by Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is too fine a writer to write a bad book. But no writer is too great for stumbling, as she demonstrates in her long-awaited, young adult novel.