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Romney a confident challenger; Obama a cautious incumbent

Wednesday’s debate provided Americans with their first chance to see the candidates face-off on the same stage.

Mitt Romney finally got his chance to face down the president in person, and he appeared to make the most of it with a critique that was cogent and sharp.


What the candidates said

The words that popped up most frequently during the first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama included “tax” and “insurance.”

Senator Scott Brown could get a boost from Mitt Romney’s debate performance.


Romney’s performance could help Brown

Mitt Romney’s dismal poll numbers in Mass. have been Scott Brown’s biggest hurdle, so anything that makes Romney more competitive in the state could help Brown.

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Marcus Pixley

Man freed in drug lab scandal misses court date

A judge issued an arrest warrant for Marcus Pixley, a drug defendant who had his bail reduced due to potential evidence tampering.

// Turkey authorizes military operations in Syria

The Turkish prime minister said the Parliament’s action was not a declaration of war, but gives Turkey the right to respond to attacks.

Dan Shaughnessy

// For Red Sox, an ugly season finally ends

Bobby Valentine’s final hours as Red Sox manager were a little sad as the worst season of a generation officially ended.

// Schilling may have to sell ‘bloody sock’

The sock from the 2004 World Series was among the collateral the former Red Sox pitcher pledged to secure investments in his failed video game company.


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