Romney goes on offensive in debate

With a fast-moving series of punches and counterpunches, Mitt Romney emerged as an aggressor, and showed confidence in assailing President Obama on an anemic economy.


Obama, Romney clash on economy in first debate

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sparred over domestic policy in a debate at the University of Denver.

Wednesday debate provided Americans with their first chance to see the candidates face-off on the same stage.

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Romney a confident challenger; Obama a cautious incumbent

Mitt Romney finally got his chance to face down the president in person, and he appeared to make the most of it with a critique of Obama’s first term that was cogent and sharp.

Kevin Staley (right), a professor, watched the debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., but left still undecided.

Undecided New Hampshire voters still on fence after debate

For all the fireworks at Wednesday night’s first presidential debate, neither candidate changed many minds at one gathering of swing-state voters.

Jeff Jacoby

A clear knockout for Mitt Romney

Romney was focused, clear, interesting, and engaged, while President Obama repeatedly came across as distracted, irritated, and vague in their first debate.

joan vennochi

An ineffective Obama falls flat

One presidential candidate showed up to debate Wednesday night. His name is Mitt Romney.

Bobby Valentine’s final hours as Red Sox manager Wednesday were a little sad as the worst season of a generation officially ended.

Dan Shaughnessy

For Bobby Valentine and Red Sox, 2012 is a wrap

Bobby Valentine’s final hours as Red Sox manager Wednesday were a little sad as the worst season of a generation officially ended.

 Curt Schilling’s bloody sock from the 2004 World Series could fetch around $25,000.

Schilling may have to sell ‘bloody sock’ to settle debt over 38 Studios

The sock, worn in the 2004 World Series, was among the collateral Schilling recently pledged to lenders to secure millions in loans for his failed video game company.

Center Jordan Carter (41) helped lead his  teammates through some agility drills at practice on Wednesday.


Boston English football team learns thrill of victory at last

For a team whose tattered home field was deemed too dangerous to play on, and which had not won a game in two years, a two-game winning streak is a breakthrough.

Framingham pharmacy is suspected in meningitis deaths

Officials have identified the source of injectable steroids that may have infected more than 25 people, four fatally, with a rare form of fungal meningitis.

The latest Kindle e-readers offer improved performance, but the rival Nooks still provide good value.

Tech Lab

New Kindle offers light reading

Barnes & Noble had been making progress, but e-reader heavyweight has reasserted its dominance with the new Kindle Paperwhite.


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Dustin Pedroia, manager Bobby Valentine, James Loney and Jarrod Saltalamacchia waited on the mound during a pitching change in the eighth inning against the Yankees.

Bobby Valentine says Red Sox coaches were disloyal

A radio interview took a sharp turn when Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was asked whether his assistant coaches have been loyal during his turbulent season. “No,” he told WEEI.


Political Notebook

Republican Rep. Todd Akin spoke to reporters in the Missouri Capitol building on Thursday.

Todd Akin’s 2008 abortion remarks stir things back up

The Republican Senate candidate once equated abortion providers to terrorists and suggested that it was ‘‘common practice’’ for them to be ‘‘giving abortions to women who are not actually pregnant.’’

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Book Review

‘Son’ by Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry is too fine a writer to write a bad book. But no writer is too great for stumbling, as she demonstrates in her long-awaited, young adult novel.