Presidential Debate | 9 p.m.

Tasks, terrain clear for first debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney’s first debate is centered on domestic policy, which could allow Romney to hammer away at Obama’s handling of the economy.

Brian McGrory

Mitt Romney hasn’t changed a bit

The ultimate shame of the former governor’s presidential campaign is that he looks and sounds like the same man at the end as when he began.

A fact check on Brown-Warren

The Globe takes a look at the veracity of four of the competing claims the Senate candidates made in their second debate.

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// FBI offers reward for alleged Mehanna co-conspirator

A $50,000 reward has been offered for the arrest of terrorism suspect Ahmad Abousamra, who was indicted in 2009 with Sudbury’s Tarek Mehanna.

T-Mobile to merge with MetroPCS

The combined company, which would have more than 42 million subscribers, would still trail the market’s No. 3 Sprint.

After notoriety onscreen and off, Ben Affleck began rehabilitating his image with a shift to directing in 2007. His new film, “Argo,” opens next week.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

As director, Affleck puts the froth far behind

“Argo,” Ben Affleck’s third movie as a director, offers a glimpse of a more ambitious filmmaker and global citizen than almost everyone has suspected.

Bobby Valentine crashes bike

Valentine crashes bike after Pedroia text

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was slightly injured when he read a text message from Dustin Pedroia while operating his bike in New York’s Central Park on Tuesday.

Graduate student Alex Ng tested the size of DNA molecules at Harvard Medical School’s Churchman Lab.

Threat to funds haunts Boston-area labs

Boston-area teaching hospitals and universities are bracing for deep cuts in the federal funding that has fueled biomedical research for decades.

A meeting was held at the Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Boston on the five proposals to reorganize the city’s school assignment system.

Many may be forced to switch schools in Boston

Proposed changes to the way the city assigns students could force thousands of children already attending schools to move to new ones in two years.


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Movie Review

“Downeast’’ follows efforts to turn a closed sardine cannery into a lobster-processing facility in Gouldsboro, Maine.

Trying to save a small town in Maine

In the documentary “Downeast,” a Boston-based Italian immigrant attempts to turn a former sardine cannery into a lobster processing facility.