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Parents express concerns about school assignment plans

Some parents at a meeting at Madison Park said different assignment options could lead to increased segregation and will not broaden access to high-quality schools.

Romney would honor exemptions for illegal immigrants

Mitt Romney said he would not revoke temporary deportation exemptions granted to young illegal immigrants, but would not issue new ones.

Patrick announces funds for college building projects

The funding includes $607 million for the UMass system and $20.7 million for Roxbury Community College.

// Democrats pile on Scott Brown for Scalia remark

During Monday’s debate, Brown mentioned conservative Antonin Scalia first on his list of model Supreme Court justices.

Judge won’t dismiss charges against Timothy Cahill

A Superior Court judge denied a motion to dismiss corruption charges against the former state treasurer, paving the way for a trial.

“Downeast’’ follows efforts to turn a closed sardine cannery into a lobster-processing facility in Gouldsboro, Maine.

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Trying to save a small town in Maine

The documentary “Downeast” immerses itself in Gouldsboro, Maine, as a Boston-based Italian immigrant attempts to turn a former sardine cannery into a lobster processing facility.

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// Brewing beer the presidential way

Many people who are interested in home brewing have looked at the White House recipe, but we thought it was time to make it and taste it.

Celtics practice after arriving in Turkey

The Celtics were in the gym soon after arriving in Istanbul, where they will play a Turkish team Friday, followed by a game in Milan next week.

The proposed site of Konza Technology City currently has no infrastucture.

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In Kenya, turning savannah into gold

The proposed Konza Technology City is one of several “blank slates” in Africa that have potential for marked development and advancement.

Relief pitcher Andrew Bailey handed the ball to Bobby Valentine after giving up three runs in the bottom of the ninth.

Yankees 4, Red Sox 3

Red Sox lose in 12 innings

The Red Sox allowed the Yankees to score two runs in the bottom of ninth and the game-winner in the 12th to lose their second-to-last game of the season.


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Zdeno Chara to join team in Prague

The Bruins captain will suit up for a KHL team in his native country during the NHL lockout. He can return to the Bruins when the lockout ends.


At times, policy took a back seat to sniping over some political flash points in the second debate of Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Brown, Warren fire away over voting, work records

In their second debate, Senator Brown vigorously attacked Elizabeth Warren’s legal work on behalf of corporations, while she blasted votes he took in lockstep with GOP leadership.