Richard Tisei leads Rep. John Tierney in poll

The former GOP state senator from Wakefield is pulling six percentage points ahead of Rep. Tierney in a new Boston Globe poll.

From left, Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Elena Kagan, and Stephen Breyer were at the traditional Red Mass on Sunday, a day before the new Supreme Court session.

Election’s winner may shape Supreme Court

The high court’s makeup and ideological balance could change, perhaps significantly, depending on who is elected president in November.

Senator Brown’s fund-raising on the national level, where money is crucial and anger at Democrats is high, can strike a far different tone.

Scott Brown paints win as key for GOP

Senator Brown’s pitch to non-Massachusetts Republicans is stressing control of the Senate, not bipartisanship.

Boston to tell 57 they may have been infected by paramedic

The patients may have been exposed to blood-borne illnesses in 2011 by a paramedic suspected of tampering with vials of painkillers and sedatives.

For James Santagati of Dorchester, the price he pays to get through the fare gates remains a comparative bargain. “I’ve been taking the T since I was 7,’’ the 57-year-old said.

Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

Despite fare increase, MBTA’s popularity rising

MBTA ridership increased again in August despite the fare increase and service reductions that went into effect in July.

Quarterback Tom Brady and wide receiver Brandon Lloyd celebrated a fourth-quarter touchdown as the Patriots surged past the Bills, 52-28, at Buffalo on Sunday.

Patriots 52, Bills 28

Patriots explode, roll over the Bills

Tom Brady led New England on six consecutive touchdown drives in the second half to surge past the Bills, 52-28, and even the team’s record at 2-2.

Wes Welker howls after a 17-yard catch for a first down that set up a TD three plays later in the fourth quarter as dazed Bills Mark Anderson (93) and Mario Williams (94) look on.

Christopher L. Gasper

Patriots have made a habit out of winning

For the Patriots, losing feels like quitting victory cold turkey — it just fuels the craving. That was the case on Sunday against Buffalo.

Revere seeks Wonderland in casino deal

Mayor Dan Rizzo will try to acquire the Wonderland property in his casino negotiations with Suffolk Downs, as the first piece of a plan to bring the Revolution to Revere.

Neil Silverman says he can’t afford to retire.

Banks’ record-low interest rates frustrate nation’s savers

Fewer seniors are able to generate much income from their savings because interest rates have fallen so sharply.

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