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Prosecution hits Cahill on justification for ads

Former Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill came under relentless cross-examination today in a trial over $2 million he spent on lottery ads during his run for governor.

Israel approves new settlements

The Israeli government has approved construction of 3,000 new housing units in the West Bank the day after UN recognition of Palestine.

Mass. Democrats oppose benefit cuts in fiscal-cliff talks

The Mass. House delegation is torn by wanting to avoid the shock that would result from expiration of Bush-era tax cuts and reluctance to change safety-net benefits.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino showed a card from Boston schoolchildren at a press availability today.

Menino eager to return to City Hall

In his first interview since more than a month in the hospital, Mayor Thomas M. Menino didn’t address his political future.

Homeowners are letting go of safe beige and trying gray-blues (and other colors) on their walls.

eric roth

Exclusive Magazine preview | Your Home: The Guide

7 trends in wall treatments

Paints, papers, decals, and more can bring excitement to your rooms. Here are the freshest looks available.

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren and her dog, Otis, greeted a voter in September. Otis was diagnosed with lymphoma in the spring and died five days before the election.

Brian McGrory

Elizabeth Warren’s private agony

Five days before her historic victory, the senator-elect suffered a painful loss when Otis, her virtually inseparable canine companion, died.

Alfredo Aceves didn’t have the backing of Bobby Valentine, but he’s too valuable to let go, despite his stumbles in 2012.

Red Sox Notebook

Red Sox must decide on 11 players

Alfredo Aceves and Ryan Sweeney are among the 11 arbitration-eligible players who will learn their fate by late Friday night.

The Celtics will miss Rajon Rondo for two games during his suspension.

Christopher L. Gasper

No apologies from defiant Rajon Rondo

Rondo is a force of nature that can’t be controlled. That makes him a great point guard, but a questionable leader.


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Devin McCourty’s touchdown sign signaled another score off a turnover for the Patriots as Alfonzo Dennard returned an interception for a score against the Colts on Nov. 18.

Patriots are turnover specialists

No NFL team is better at managing turnovers, an impressive trait that has helped the Patriots score at a record pace this season.

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Daniel Amos’s family founded Aflac, a Georgia insurer, in the 1950s. Even in the 1990s, it was not well known.

Thanks to the duck, buyers flock to Aflac

Heard of Aflac? Credit the animated duck. In the 1990s, just one in 10 people in the US were familiar with the insurance company. That all changed in 2000 after its mascot was introduced.