Lawmakers worry about probation case fallout

Prosecutors are focusing on House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo’s former top allies and hiring decisions that he may have influenced.

Mass. moves to save water sources

Officials will unveil a long-awaited plan that aims to prevent waterways from running dry but could translate into higher rates and more bans on lawn watering.

President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet for the first time sinde the election.

Romney to meet Obama at White House today

The meeting marks an olive branch from Obama to a former rival, and a potentially pivotal moment for Romney, who is contemplating life after politics.

Mayor Kevin White of Boston in 1968. White was mayor until 1984.

Kevin White’s FBI files released

The files provide new details about an FBI investigation into allegations of bid-rigging by the former Boston mayor’s administration in the 1970s.

Dempsey, a 14-year-old blond Labrador retriever, owned by Kevan and Sheila Cunningham, rests on his special bed.

Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe

Old dogs, new ways to baby them

Our dogs are living longer thanks to veterinary advances, healthier food, and owners committed to their well-being.

Kay Olsen (left), 82, and Mary Holt, 88, shopped for groceries at Johnnie’s Foodmaster in Charlestown before it closed last week.

Whole Foods accents two halves of Charlestown

With the high-end symbol of yuppie America replacing Johnnie’s Foodmaster, has the neighborhood finally tipped to a point where the Townies are the minority?

After Kris Humphries fouled Kevin Garnett hard, Rajon Rondo gave Humphries a shove. The scrum continued, and spilled behind the basket.

Nets 95, Celtics 83

Rajon Rondo ejected as Nets defeat Celtics

Rondo may face a suspension because of the fracas, and his 37-game assist streak ended in the Celtics’ loss.

The iPod Touch and iPod Nano players are sleek, elegant reminders that a personal entertainment device doesn’t have to come with a monthly phone bill.

Tech Lab

Apple iPod is the fruitcake of devices

If you have an iPhone, you don’t need an iPod Touch, which makes the sleek device a great gift to give someone else.

Nation & World

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The garment factory where 112 people died last weekend was used by a host of major retailers, a reporter found.

Walmart, Disney clothes found in deadly fire’s remains

The garment factory in Bangladesh where 112 people were killed in a fire over the weekend was used by a host of major US and European retailers.


Political notebook

After sit-down with Rice, Collins voices some reservation

Senator Susan Collins of Maine said she couldn’t back the nomination of Susan Rice until more questions are answered about the deadly Sept. 11 attack in Libya.


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Sandra Fenwick is currently COO.

Boston Children’s Hospital names next CEO

Children’s Hospital trustees appointed Sandra L. Fenwick, the current president and chief operating officer, as the institution’s next chief executive.


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Stage Review

Georgia Lyman plays a performance artist who enrages a politician and then attempts to kidnap his dog, with an odd result.

Art, politics, and canine behavior in Lee Blessing’s ‘Chesapeake’

Especially in campaign season, culture and politics invariably make for a volatile combination. That fact informs but does not define this solo play now at New Repertory Theatre.