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Drug lab scandal costs overblown, Patrick says

Governor Deval Patrick said this morning that the state public defender agency’s $332 million estimate is exaggerated.

President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet for the first time sinde the election.

Romney, Obama to have lunch at White House on Thursday

The meeting between Mitt Romney and President Obama will be their first extended conversation since the election.

In 2004, John Kerry, as the Democrats’ presidential nominee, bestowed upon Barack Obama an honor that would catapult his career — delivering a keynote address at the party’s convention.

Amid wrangling on Hill, Kerry keeps visibility low

Senator Kerry, who is under consideration to be the next secretary of state, has kept a low profile recently that contrasts with his previously outspoken tendencies.

// Finneran granted immunity in probation probe

Former House speaker Thomas Finneran has been given immunity to testify about the state’s Probation Department, people close the investigation said.

Suffolk University will build an eight-story complex on Somerset Street and create a public park.

Chan Krieger Sieniewicz

Suffolk University shifts core of campus downtown

The school, long a controversial neighbor on Beacon Hill, will shift its campus closer to Boston’s downtown and build a $62 million classroom complex.

Brian McGrory

Our governor’s turmoil

Deval Patrick’s got this small problem on his hands, and it goes like this: His governorship is basically falling off a cliff.

Mayor Tom Menino is in his fifth term after being elected in 1993.

scot lehigh

End of the Menino era?

If Mayor Menino opts to call next year his last, he goes out unbeaten, with a valedictory period in which his time at City Hall will be celebrated.

Kevin McHale and his wife, Lynn, lost their daughter, Alexandra, to a battle with lupus.

Dan Shaughnessy

McHale dealing with saddest loss of all

Celtics legend Kevin McHale and his wife, Lynn, have become devastated new members of the saddest club in the world; they are parents who have lost a child.


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