Shoppers showing signs of confidence

Increasingly confident that the economy is on the mend, US consumers are starting to spend more freely again.

Disparity in mass transit “is something that’s been around a long time,” said RonHenry (left), waiting with John Owens at Dudley Station in Roxbury. They said crowded buses were slow buses. “As soon as school starts,” Owens said, “that’s when the buses get ridiculous.”

Black commuters face longer trips to work

White commuters who drive have the shortest trips to work, while black bus riders have the longest, with commutes exceeding 46 minutes each way.

 Christina and Tony Loftis of Wayland are sharing what they have learned about using social media to find runaways.

Runaway’s parents seek to help others

Social media helped a Wayland couple find their 13-year-old, who ran away from home. Now, they hope to help other parents find runaway children.

//[1]--90x90.jpg In reversal, Holyoke mayor backs casino plan

Mayor Alex Morse now supports building a casino in Holyoke, a stance that could shake up competition for the sole casino license in Western Mass.

Lindsay Bogar (left), Rachel Shepard, and Lexi Swartz frolicked in the snow on Loon Mountain on Saturday in Lincoln, N.H.

Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

Will the New England ski season fall short again?

After a few years with sometimes little more than trace amounts of snow, it is hard for skiers to have clear expectations.

Masterpieces on loan leave MFA walls lacking

Eager to raise revenues, the MFA is also renting out many of its most prized works for large, undisclosed fees, frustrating some local supporters.

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray

Joan Vennochi

Tim Murray’s delusional ambitions

Fellow Democrats may think of the lieutenant governor as a likeable enough guy. But as a candidate for governor, his delusions are much grander than his prospects for victory.

Globe Magazine

Former Bruin Derek Sanderson on his demons

In this selection from his new autobiography, the onetime hockey star reveals how, after his fabulous Bruins success, his life spiraled out of control.