New GM pledges openness at MBTA helm

Defending her record in Atlanta, Beverly Scott promised transparency about her past service and about her plans to help lift the beleaguered T to fiscal health.

Sheila Burgess crashed a state vehicle Aug. 24 at Blue Hills.

Safety chief has long list of driving violations

The driving record of the director of the Mass. Highway Safety Division includes seven accidents, four speeding violations, and two failures to stop for an officer.

Work is play for Melissa White (left), Matthew Zalkind, Juan Miguel Hernandez, and Ilmar Gavilán.

Despite woes, Harlem Quartet still plays on

The ensemble, which plays both classical music and jazz, was ready to take off, before it threatened to come apart.

Uncertainty in Washington makes tax planning tricky

Many investors and taxpayers are trying to plot a post-election personal finance strategy as Washington debates the future of Bush-era tax cuts.

In N.H. town, kids grow up fast racing stock cars

At Riverside Speedway, a quarter-mile track in Groveton, N.H., anyone over 10 can start racing in the derbies.

Growing up fast in New Hampshire

At Riverside Speedway, they don’t wait to grow up to race stock cars.

Cape Wind has started survey work in Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. The project is expected to generate work in old port cities in the region.

Port cities hope to prosper off ocean again

New England communities built up around fishing and other seafaring industries are now reinventing themselves for the energy industry.

Paul Lee, Harvard class of ’46, (right) passed the modern Little Red Flag to Dick Bennink, class of ’38, at the Harvard-Yale football game on Saturday.

Kevin Cullen

No signs of tradition flagging at annual Harvard-Yale game

Some old-timers have reinstituted the tradition of having the Harvard man who has attended the most Harvard-Yale football games carry the Little Red Flag.

New Boston law targets head injuries

The city is joining the effort to protect young athletes from concussions, and will require teams to have training and management procedures in place.

Peter Sokaris, an Amherst College alumnus, spoke to students Ivonne Ortega and Isabelle D’Arcy, who were wearing shirts bearing a message critical of the school’s response to recent sexual assaults.

Amherst looking inward after sex assaults, misogyny

The college is reevaluating its policies on sexual assault after a series of recent incidents ignited the campus.


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Colts at Patriots, 4:25 p.m. Sunday

Tom Brady and the Patriots host the Colts on Sunday.

Patriots’ keys to a win vs. Colts

How can Tom Brady and the Patriots overcome Andrew Luck and the Colts? Jim McBride has a path to victory in his scouting report.


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Jerry Sypek was stunned his abuser’s name was on the list.

Boy Scout files stir painful memories of abuse

For victims of childhood sexual abuse, the publication of thousands of files documenting allegations of sex abuse was a painful reminder of their own experiences.