Leaders hopeful fiscal cliff can be averted

Top congressional leaders emerged from a meeting with President Obama trying to project bipartisan confidence that they could avert a potential economic catastrophe.

A Hostess store’s shelves in Malden were nearly stripped bare on Friday.

Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

With Hostess closing, gold rush is on for endangered Twinkies

A run on the cream-filled golden sponge cakes was prompted by the news that Hostess Brands was shutting down after a crippling labor dispute.

Do you repeat the same wardrobe mistakes year after year?

The challenge posed by the seemingly simple act of purchasing clothing is so enormous that clinical psychologist Jennifer Baumgartner has written an entire book on the subject.

Israeli armored vehicles massed near the border with Gaza on Friday.


Israel readies Gaza invasion as Hamas rockets zero in

Israel prepared for a possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip Friday as Hamas militants continued to lob rockets into Israel.

Joseph Kennedy III tried to blend in at orientation.

Latest link returns Kennedy name to D.C.

Marking the return of a political dynasty, the 32-year-old Joseph Kennedy III is determined to make his own mark.

Adrian Walker

From bad to worse for a bitter Mitt Romney

Once, Romney was a moderate. Later he was a “severe conservative.” Now, apparently, he is a bitter elitist. Perhaps he can become a defeated but gracious statesman.

Mass. tax hike on the table for roads and transit

Nearly six years after a bipartisan commission sounded the alarm about the transportation system, Governor Deval Patrick will ask lawmakers to solve the problem.

Cheryl Gavazzi said she feared the money she found in a department store was connected to drug dealers, and ‘I’m going to get killed.’

Beverly woman returns bag containing $11,000

Cheryl Gavazzi found the bag at a Swampscott store and returned it to police, who determined the money was the proceeds from a fund-raiser.