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Obama, lawmakers confident after ‘fiscal cliff’ talk

Republicans and Democrats showed willingness to compromise after the 90-minute meeting.

// Israel calls up 16,000 military reservists

Israel prepared for a possible ground attack as Hamas aimed rockets toward Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

No oil leaking from Gulf of Mexico rig explosion

The explosion critically injured four workers, and two others are missing.

Brookline High employee faces child porn charges

There is no evidence suggesting the paraprofessional had improper contact with special education students he worked with.

From the cover of “Science in the Kitchen,” published in 1893.

Michigan State University

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Vintage cookbooks reveal secrets of America’s past

At Thanksgiving and all year, historians and cooks are finding new inspiration in records of yesterday’s kitchens.

Twinkies are one of Hostess’s popular products.

Hostess to close, sell brands

The maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread is closing plants and putting its brands up for sale.

// Petraeus believed terrorists were behind Libya attack

The former CIA chief said references to terrorist groups were removed from the public explanation so as not to reveal US intelligence was on the groups’ trail.

90+ Cellars “Holiday Essentials” six-bottle selection, $60 at Pioppi’s, 183 Court Street, 508-746-1943,

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2012 holiday gift guide

Choose your destination — Brookline, Plymouth, or Harvard Square — and find something for everyone on your list.


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Authorities allege this image shows Adriana Ferreira as she was counting bribe money provided to her during an undercover investigation by federal and state officials.

RMV worker accused of taking bribes

The employee allegedly collected thousands of dollars in bribes for falsely promising to provide illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses.