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Woman named in affair with Petraeus was a high achiever

Paula Broadwell, the woman alleged to have been involved in an affair with resigning CIA director David Petraeus, was a West Point graduate with a degree from Harvard.

Bills at Patriots, 1 p.m. Sunday

Patriots’ keys to a win vs. Bills

The Patriots will be looking to restart their pre-bye week luck and win their third straight game when the Bills arrive in Foxborough.

Memorials dedicated to three killed in Iraq

A gathering was held in South Weymouth to dedicate memorials honoring three local soldiers who were killed while serving in Iraq.

President Obama wins Florida

Florida officials said Obama won the state by about 74,000 votes, bringing the president’s electoral vote count to 332.

Massachusetts laws prevent supervisors from sharing in tips pools.

Court: Starbucks owes more than $14m to Mass. baristas

Starbucks baristas had challenged the Seattle coffee chain’s practice of requiring them to share tips with shift supervisors.

BBC Director General George Entwistle resigned Saturday, just two months into the job.

Andrew Winning/REUTERS

BBC chief quits after saying TV report was wrong

George Entwistle, BBC Director General, said it was the “honorable thing” to resign after a show wrongly implicated a politician in a child sex-abuse scandal.

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Smackdown: Cambridge vs. New Haven

Fans of Harvard and Yale football are anxiously anticipating this year’s matchup in the rivalry that dates to 1875. Here’s how the two college towns stack up when it comes to town-gown essentials.


// A revamp in Valparaíso, Chile, looks to spark an influx tourists

This glorious yet dysfunctional port has always harbored a darker alter ego, but following a six-year redevelopment program, the city looks to attract tourists.

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., (second from left) with his sons (from left) Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy in 1938.

book review

‘The Patriarch’ by David Nasaw

Nasaw’s “The Patriarch: The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy” is the sort of biography that begs to be called “magisterial.”


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Notre Dame at BC | Saturday, 8

With inner strength, Manti Te’o has overcome personal tragedy to help put the Irish in the national title hunt.

Through grief, Manti Te’o leads Notre Dame

One of the best college players in the country has overcome the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend to galvanize No. 4 Notre Dame.


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Graduate student Jonas Naham, here riding a rented Hubway bike along Massachusetts Avenue, doesn’t own a helmet. “If I had one, it wouldn’t be where my bike was,’’ he says.

Boston goes aggressively after helmetless bicyclists

Pro-helmet forces have launched initiatives meant to encourage cyclists to don headgear. The question is whether cyclists will be convinced to change their ways.