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Ameridose lays off hundreds

The sister company of the Framingham compounding pharmacy linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak is laying off hundreds of workers.

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren and Governor Deval Patrick held a press conference at the State House.

Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

Warren says she is trying for more discretion

Following a press conference during which she gave terse answers to several questions, Elizabeth Warren told reporters she is trying to be more discreet during her transition to senator-elect.

Priceline to acquire Kayak in $1.8 billion deal

Priceline plans to purchase the travel research website, which has its technology headquarters in Concord.

Friday Preview | MOVIE REVIEW

‘Lincoln’ carries the weight of history

Steven Spielberg and Tony Kushner — with help from Daniel Day-Lewis — tell one of our country’s greatest stories using dialogue filled with ideas.

The next four years

The election’s effect on Massachusetts business sectors

Defense contractors brace for big cuts, medical device makers face new fees, and the financial industry faces tough regulations.

Tax bill for US gridlock? $3,500 per household

Nearly every household would pay higher taxes in 2013 unless Congress reaches a compromise on tax, spending, and deficit reduction measures over the next several weeks.

Mitt Romney planned Boston fireworks show

If elected, Romney planned to celebrate with an eight-minute display over Boston Harbor.

Hutchinson: GOP said ‘stupid’ things

Retiring Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas said Republicans have failed to address social issues sensitively.


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Book Review

W. Jeffrey Bolster’s “The Mortal Sea” chronicles New England’s interdependence with the sea from the 16th century to the World War I era.

‘The Mortal Sea’ by W. Jeffrey Bolster

The historian tries to demonstrate how the activities of individuals have affected the northwest Atlantic, for better and worse.