Menino’s machine boosted Warren

Anthony Albano, a veteran Menino volunteer, worked for Elizabeth Warren in East Boston.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s get-out-the-vote expertise cranked out the largest turnout in Boston since 1964.

Interactive graphic

// Where did Warren get her votes?

Compare the voting patterns from 2010 and 2012 to see how Elizabeth Warren won the Senate seat.

joan vennochi

// How Brown lost support from women

By insulting Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown insulted every woman who had to scratch and fight to prove her worth.

For Mitt Romney, there is no more campaign plane, daily schedules, or battery of aides.


Romney looks to future without political office in sights

As Mitt Romney takes stock of his failed campaign and his future, he is unlikely to again seek office, insiders say.

US Representative Charlie Bass of New Hampshire.

Conservative thinking

Republicans ponder party’s future course

The GOP’s conservatives, said Representative Charlie Bass of New Hampshire, have grown excessively rigid, making it difficult for someone like him, from a swing state.

Placards and campaign stickers were stacked on a tble at the Latino regional headquarters for the Obama campaign on Election Day in Milwaukee, Wisc.

the electorate

GOP must adapt to changing demographics

President Obama’s campaign exploited the incremental increases in Latinos, Asian-Americans, and voters under the age of 30.

The plight of a homeless man in Camden, N.J., highlights the state of the economy.

Opinion | nicholas burns

Three crises that can’t wait

The economy, Afghanistan, and the Middle East will need President Obama’s focus as he looks at his second term.


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Maggie Hassan, whom New Hampshire voters elected as governor on Tuesday, spoke with diners in Manchester.

Women’s electoral might grows in New Hampshire, US

The state’s election of the nation’s first all-female congressional delegation was the most dramatic example of a phenomenon that swept the country.


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The next four years

The election’s effect on Massachusetts business sectors

Defense contractors brace for big cuts, medical device makers face new fees, and the financial industry faces tough regulations.


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Book Review

W. Jeffrey Bolster’s “The Mortal Sea” chronicles New England’s interdependence with the sea from the 16th century to the World War I era.

‘The Mortal Sea’ by W. Jeffrey Bolster

The historian tries to demonstrate how the activities of individuals have affected the northwest Atlantic, for better and worse.