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Jobs report indicates slow, steady recovery

The last report before the election showed employers added 171,000 jobs in October - more than expected. The jobless rate rose to 7.9 percent as more people entered the workforce.

More economic growth under Democrats

Despite the view that the GOP is the party of economic prosperity and soaring stock markets, the opposite has historically been true.

Earl Cok, 70, (left) and his brother Paul, 76, of Celeryville, Ohio, voted for Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney pushes hard for rural vote

Volunteers in Ohio are trying to sway independents and persuade traditional Republican allies to turn out in overwhelming numbers.

Researchers argue that the city and its densely developed shoreline are vulnerable to the more frequent and intense storms associated with global warming.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Boston could be vulnerable to more severe storms

The city may have been spared the worst this time, but will it be so lucky the next? Don’t count on it, say researchers.

“I had no other options,” said Dr. Sujatha Balija, “so I booked a taxi.”

After Hurricane Sandy, a $750 cab ride

Many people, including Dr. Sujatha Balija, had to travel to or from Boston immediately following the storm.

Hubbard squash grown at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon are a new offering this fall at the sprawling, efficiency-focused Greater Boston Food Bank.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Magazine

Food bank grows to meet a growing need

From farm to everyone’s table: To meet rising demand, especially for produce, the Greater Boston Food Bank started thinking more like a business.

Employees like Helen Yuan, David Marr, and Jorge Romero helped make the Boston Harbor Hotel the top medium employer in this year's survey.

Sunday Preview

The Globe’s 2012 Top Places to Work list expands

New to this year’s list are small companies — those with 50 to 99 employees. Preview Sunday’s special section with the top five in four size categories.


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Aqib Talib came to the Patriots in a trade from the Buccaneers.

Patriots paid too much for Aqib Talib

The troubled cornerback cost the Patriots a fourth-round draft pick next year. But his potential pitfalls could outweigh his on-field talents.

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