Change urged for drunken driving cases

Judges in some Massachusetts courts acquit nearly all of the drunk driving defendants who waive their right to a jury trial.

Boston could be vulnerable to more severe storms

The city may have been spared the worst this time, but will it be so lucky the next? Don’t count on it, say researchers.

Brian McGrory

Diary of a powerless man

The next time the lights go out, let’s cut power to the homes of Governor Deval Patrick and NStar head Tom May until everyone else’s has been restored.

Mobile games Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and Fruit Ninja are free or 99 cents and have been downloaded tens of millions of time.

Apps shake up video game industry

The swift migration from costly consoles to smartphones and tablets has hit a burgeoning sector of the Mass. economy especially hard.

Earl Cok, 70, (left) and his brother Paul, 76, of Celeryville, Ohio, voted for Mitt Romney.

David Maxwell for The Boston Globe

Mitt Romney pushes hard for rural vote

Volunteers in Ohio are trying to sway independents and persuade traditional Republican allies to turn out in overwhelming numbers.

The Obama campaign targeted Ohio State students, some of whom cast early ballots.

Obama campaign targets younger voters

If four years ago the Obama campaign treated young voters as agents of change, it is now targeting them as an interest group with clear concerns.

President Obama resumed campaigning with stops in Colorado (above), Nevada, and Wisconsin, while Mitt Romney panned the president at a rally in Virginia.

Back on trail, candidates resume their salvos

President Obama blasted Mitt Romney’s proposals to repeal health care reform and lower tax rates, while Romney knocked his idea for a secretary of business Cabinet post.

More economic growth under Democrats

Despite the view that the GOP is the party of economic prosperity and soaring stock markets, the opposite has historically been true.


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Senate candidate Bob Kerrey, backed by Republican Chuck Hagel, received a boost Thursday.

Bob Kerrey gets Republican’s Senate backing

Former Republican senator Chuck Hagel said on Thursday that the former senator would break the partisan ‘‘nonsense that’s literally strangling our country.’’

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