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SJC seeks to halt ‘judge shopping’ in OUI cases

A study by the state’s highest court found 100 percent acquittal rates in some courts and made reform recommendations after a Globe Spotlight report.

Rezwan Ferdaus.

Ashland man gets 17 years in jail for terror plot

Rezwan Ferdaus, 26, was sentenced for planning to crash explosive-laden model airplanes into federal buildings and plotting to kill American troops.

About 17,000 Mass. customers still without power

The state’s two major utilities say most customers will be back online by tonight.

Polls reveal a dramatic racial divide in presidential race

Tuesday’s results will render a verdict on whether the GOP can continue to win national elections with negligible support from minority groups.


Tech Lab

Surface tablet, Windows 8 may test users

Microsoft’s latest operating system and daring new tablet are bold, innovative products. But using them is too much like work.

// Time cards put housing official in two places at once

Joseph M. Lally, who also kept a full-time law practice, filed 16 conflicting time cards showing him in court when he claimed to be at Winchester housing authority.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz admitted checking poll sites in the middle of the night for new election predictions.

Devotees and election polling data are never far apart

We’ve turned into a nation of poll junkies fed by an industry that’s pumping out about 30 percent more polls than it did during the 2008 election.

John Farrell spent four seasons as Red Sox pitching coach before beginning his managing career.

Farrell’s path to manager’s seat unusual

It’s rare to see a former pitching coach like John Farrell make the jump to managing. And those that have made the leap traditionally have struggled.


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Lexington children trick-or-treated in the daytime, visiting the town’s businesses.

Some trick-or-treaters must wait a day or two

For some Massachusetts communities this is the second year in a row that Halloween has been cancelled or delayed because of rugged weather.


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Movie Review

The documentary follows Chad Jukes and 10 other wounded veterans as they scale a 20,075-foot Himalayan mountain.

Reaching for help in ‘High Ground’

A less than inspiring film about extremely inspiring individuals, it’s worth seeing for what it shows rather than how it shows it.