Whitey Bulger cooperated with FBI as early as ’50s

New records show that in 1956 James “Whitey” Bulger revealed his accomplices in a bank robbery in order to protect his girlfriend at the time.

Boston Fed chief predicts slow growth

Eric S. Rosengren forecast a slow economic recovery this year and called on policy makers to do more to lower the US unemployment rate.

GOP women lead surge in Romney’s favorability rating

Mitt Romney is enjoying his highest favorability rating since January, according to a new poll that showed a surge in popularity among Republican women.

Patrick endorses Warren

Despite saying last year that he’d wait for the party to select a nominee first, Governor Patrick today announced his support for Elizabeth Warren.

Kayak to postpone IPO after Facebook stock slips

The online travel service with operations in Concord would have been the first US Internet offering since Facebook went public.

Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

Alex Bailey/Universal Pictures


‘Snow White’ brings fairy-tale magic to multiplex

Entertainingly schizophrenic, this re-engineering of the classic fairy tale feels like it was made from pieces of every fantasy-action movie ever made.


Yale graduate recalled for wit, vitality

Marina Keegan, 22, was many things, but above all a writer. She was killed this past weekend in a car accident while heading to the Cape.

Book Review

The ‘Edible Series’ releases new titles

The latest in the 28 volume “Edible Series” food history books were released this month: “Gin,” “Rum,” “Vodka,” and “Herbs.”

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe for chocolate-almond cake

This flourless chocolate cake is a light spring dessert ideal for any celebration, including a graduation buffet.


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Molly Hatch’s “Lost Arcadia,’’ part of “Covet: Art + Objects’’ at Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield.

Modern riffs on old ideas

No art is simply, blithely contemporary. That would be like saying our parents had no influence on us. Today's art responds to and reacts against yesterday's art.