Mitt Romney’s run evokes pride, fear in Mormons

Erin Hooley for The Boston Globe

With Romney steps away from a presidential nomination, Mormons have a nagging fear that their beliefs will again be subjected to scrutiny on a national scale.

Robert George says the charges are unfounded.

Prominent defense lawyer faces US charges

Federal prosecutors accuse Robert George of conspiring to help a former client launder drug money, and of restructuring bank deposits in violation of tax laws.

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The broke generation

Boston’s millennials say between the high cost of living and student loan debt they are barely scraping by. Why that’s bad for all of us.

For this comic, US history book no joke

Mike Donovan, 57, a stand-up comedian, Southie guy, history madman, is ready to publish his book, a tome of 1.6 million words that took three decades to finish.

New Englanders flocked to Bass River Beach in South Yarmouth and other beaches on the Cape on Monday.

Sold-out Cape hotels mean brisk business

On a sun-splashed holiday weekend, New Englanders flocked to coastal towns in droves, buoying hotel and shop owners with hopes of a resurgent summer.

Health cost issue divides former allies in Mass.

The state’s largest business groups, which came together to play a key role in the 2006 health care law, are now divided over how to slow the growth of health costs.

Fare increases covered part of the deficit for the MBTA, which is legally bound to start each year with a balanced budget.


Lawmakers yet to agree on bridging T funds gap

Key legislators say they remain confident that an infusion of $51 million in state money to help cover the MBTA’s budget deficit will be allocated before a July 1 deadline.

Older job seekers targeted by Mass. Legislature

The Senate is considering a jobs bill that includes a proposal to target some retraining funds at unemployed older workers, such as those age 50 and above.

Dan Shaughnessy

Celtics fans should stop crying about refs

Green Teamers and assorted talk-show callers will say the five technicals contributed to the Celtics’ Game 1 loss, but the truth is, they were overwhelmed.


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Red Sox 7, Tigers 4

Red Sox closer Alfredo Aceves fist bumped catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia after closing out the Tigers.

Missed call helps Red Sox beat Tigers

A called foul tip on what should have been a Mike Aviles strike out in the second inning led directly to three Red Sox runs as they beat Detroit, 7-4.


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A London banking analyst described the Bankia collapse as ‘‘grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, and unprecedented.’’

Borrowing costs are rising for Spain

Spain’s borrowing costs neared record highs as investors fretted over how the government would find additional money to bail out the country’s troubled banks.

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Annan heads to Syria in bid to quell violence

Syria faced pressure from its ally Russia and the UN to stop its atrocities after the massacre of at least 108 villagers, as UN special envoy Kofi Annan began negotiations in Damascus.


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Stage Review

Sabrina Dennison and Jacqueline Emmart are featured in “Love Person,’’ presented by Company One.

Connections, lost and found, in ‘Love Person’

Like love itself, the play, which is is getting its Boston premiere from Company One, is a bit of a mess. But that doesn’t mean you want to do without it.