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Extreme workouts gaining in popularity

In Boston, CrossFit trainer Christina Morris (second from left), helps Brian Bostwick (left) hold a cord for workout partner Kevin Cummings.

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While many desk-bound, cubicle-dwelling Americans struggle with weight and fitness problems, a distinct subset is diving into a brand of exercise that might seem extreme to outsiders.

A wounded US paratrooper is helped through a blinding rainstorm in 1969 by medics during the 10-day battle for Hamburger Hill. The more than 1.6 million troops back from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will join more than 20 million others from previous wars.

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The patriotism of sacrifice

This Memorial Day should serve to remind us that a just, wise, decent society asks sacrifice of everyone, not just the poor and brave, writes Roland Merullo.

Craig Driscoll charged his Chevy Volt at a free charging station in the garage of One Broadway in Kendall Square.

Innovation Economy

Charging an electric car in Boston can be free, easy

Free electricity is readily available locally, with at least 10 locations for electric charging in Cambridge and 15 in Boston.

Northern elephant seals facing off at California’s Año Nuevo State Park.

7 great places to watch wildlife in the States

Seeing animals in their natural habitat can be a thrilling experience. The good news is that you don’t have to travel out of the country.

Elizabeth Warren’s advisers and some seasoned political hands say she will have a difficult time blocking Marisa DeFranco, a North Shore immigration lawyer, from getting the 15 percent of delegate votes she needs to qualify for the primary ballot.

Primary rival may distract Elizabeth Warren

As Mass. Democrats head to a state convention, party leaders fear that Warren will be bogged down in a primary fight that will block her from fully engaging Senator Brown.

Attacking student loan debt

Not only are today’s student loan balances daunting, but the process is confusing and the rules keep changing. Now is the time to start taking stock of repayment options.

Mass. hospitals urged to apologize, settle

The ‘‘disclosure, apology, and offer’’ approach is the cornerstone of a new initiative to improve the state’s cumbersome and costly malpractice system.


UN blames Syrian forces for deadly attack

The UN Security Council condemned the killing of civilians in Friday’s attacks in the town of Houla.


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Rays 4, Red Sox 3

Sean Rodriguez hit a two-run home run off of Alfredo Aceves in the ninth to put the Rays ahead.

Red Sox lose as Rays rally in the ninth

Alfredo Aceves gave up a two-run home run in the ninth, spoiling a strong effort by Clay Buchholz and preventing the Red Sox from moving above .500 for the first time this season.


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Allison Hammond and her daughter Lizzie, 4, now live in a new apartment. Lizzie has plans for “when Caleigh comes back.’’

Little Caleigh was gone, and so was family’s center

It’s been 5 weeks since a 2-year-old vanished on a Rockport beach, apparently swept away with the tide. Grief, anger, and a thread of hope have defined her family’s life since.


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Buzz Bissinger and his cross-country companion, son Zach.

‘Father’s Day’ by Buzz Bissinger

The book is both road trip and guilt trip for Bissinger, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the best-selling “Friday Night Lights.”