Boston schools chief gets low marks

The Boston School Committee gave Superintendent Carol R. Johnson low marks in many areas, revealing rare discontent.

Filings add to questions on Warren’s ethnic claims

Documents examined by the Globe suggest that either Elizabeth Warren or a Harvard administrator classified her repeatedly as Native American in a way that apparently did not adhere to federal diversity guidelines.

Aceves emerges as a trusty closer for Sox

In his last 15 games, he has allowed two earned runs over 18 2/3 innings and struck out 19.

Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios lays off entire staff

The former Red Sox pitcher’s video game company, which employed more than 400 full-time workers and contractors, made the layoffs in the wake of financial difficulties.

Cheryl Senter for the Boston Globe

Mitt Romney lags with N.H. independents

A number of Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul backers in New Hampshire said they are undecided or plan to support President Obama.

Wary of fan anger, athletes largely avoid political fray

In Boston, only one of 188 players listed on the rosters of the city's four principal teams has made a political donation during the current presidential election cycle.

Brian McGrory

A rooster leaves his flock

For three-plus years, Buddy presided over his family in the midst of an unsuspecting suburban neighborhood. And then one Sunday morning, he was gone.

Noël Coward

Noël Coward’s timeless ‘Lives’

His star quality comes to the fore in a revival at Huntington Theatre and exhibit in New York.