Banking sector puts its money on Mitt Romney

Donors from big banks are betting on Romney to defeat President Obama and repeal new restraints on risky, large-scale investments.

One wind turbine in Falmouth will be turned off, officials said, while the other will continue to operate during the day.

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Mass. moves to shut turbine over noise levels

Officials have recommended shutting down a wind turbine in Falmouth because of elevated noise levels that they described as unacceptable to local residents.

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Stonehill College dragged into Yahoo scandal

Who lies about a degree from Stonehill? The answer, of course, is Scott Thompson, the freshly ousted chief executive of the struggling Internet giant.

Work to fix the 1930s Sagamore Bridge has caused delays for drivers like these trying to get off the Cape on Tuesday.


Sagamore Bridge work frays tempers, hurts shops

Repairs to the aging bridge throughout the spring have slowed traffic leaving Cape Cod to a crawl most nights and backed it up for miles on Sundays.

Speaking to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Governor Patrick did not explicitly put his support behind either of the two cost-containment bills being debated in the Legislature.

Patrick pushes health care cost controls

Governor Patrick said he is confident that health care cost increases can be slowed to no more than the annual growth of the Mass. economy without harming hospitals and doctors.

Official drops call for shift of Chelsea court

Rep. Eugene O’Flaherty dropped his push to shift control of the Chelsea District Court to the Boston Municipal Court, saying his plan could give the impression of a misuse of power.

Blue Jay Recording Studio may not look like much from outside, but it has brought some of music’s biggest names to Carlisle over the years.

Old-school Blue Jay studio up for sale

With the music industry going through seismic changes, classic studios like the Blue Jay Recording Studio in Carlisle are becoming rare.

Curt Schilling moved his 38 Studios LLC from Maynard to Providence last year after Rhode Island officials offered him $75 million in loan guarantees.

R.I. races to save Curt Schilling’s company

The former Red Sox pitcher’s video game company, 38 Studios, appears to be in financial trouble, and Rhode Island officials are scrambling to save their $75 million investment.


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Red Sox 5, Mariners 0

Josh Beckett gave up no runs over seven innings and tallied nine strike outs against the Mariners.

Red Sox extend winning streak

Josh Beckett atoned for a dismal performance in his previous outing by striking out a season-high nine as the Red Sox won their fifth straight.


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Boston boosting community policing efforts

Police Commissioner Edward Davis, counting more than 140,000 walking beats last year, wants to add at least 60,000 more, and is hoping to make social media a part of the effort.


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FBI starts review of $2b loss at JPMorgan

Shareholders called for pay givebacks from executives responsible for a stunning $2 billion trading loss and the FBI opened a preliminary review of the debacle.

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Martha Holley-Paquette and Dann Paquette of Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project try a sample at their Somerville office.

How Pretty Things Beer became ubiquitous in Boston

If you go out for a beer in Boston, chances are the list offers something made by Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. How did it become a beloved local institution in such a short time?