Between Brown, Romney, support but little chemistry

As Senator Brown’s star has risen as a moderate, and Mitt Romney has worked hard to court the GOP base in his presidential bid, their paths have diverged.

The Celtics are widely perceived as gritty and the embodiment of team spirit.

Brian SnyderReuters

Dan Shaughnessy

Celtics giving their all, as Fenway draws boobirds

While the Celtics have been the embodiment of team spirit in the NBA playoffs, Josh Beckett and the Red Sox have a huge image problem.

Nathan Brown (left) and Peter Schroer work at Aras Corp., an Andover company Schroer founded in 2000.

Route 128 at center of manufacturing

Today, just about every product that consumers touch is likely to have been created with software developed in the area surrounding Route 128.

Girl named Grace a gift to family, science

With the help of Boston scientists, one family turned the unthinkable into a future ruled by hope.

Giving Grace a chance

Boston doctors helped a Tampa family solve a medical mystery.

Student deaths hit BU’s campus hard

The deaths of three students studying abroad has brought further tragedy to a campus that has been slammed by one catastrophe after another this semester.

Yvonne Abraham

Three years later, no answers

The person who killed Stacey Burns gets to walk around, while five motherless kids, a shattered family, and countless friends try to hold themselves together.

Boston’s sculptures get own guidebook

A love for Boston’s public sculptures prompted history buff, art lover, and amateur photographer Joe Gallo to write a book about what they stand for.

Austerity vs. stimulus debate revived by elections in Europe

Last week’s elections in France and Greece, where voters booted out incumbents who advocated or accepted austerity policies, has reenergized the debate.


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nba playoffs game 2: Celtics 92, 76ers 91

Celtics edge Sixers in series opener

Kevin Garnett scored 29 points, his highest total all year, and added 11 rebounds as the Celtics took the first game of their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Sixers.


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Patton’s estate becomes part of his adopted hometown

General George S. Patton’s legacy is as stalwart in Hamilton as the Sherman tank guarding a park named for the World War II hero in the town center.


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Product Reviews

Slacker’s guide to a great lawn

Consumer Reports suggests several ways in which homeowners can reduce their hours working in the yard, but still have an attractive lawn.

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 Tourists smoked a joint at the Grey Area cafe in Amsterdam, where a ban on foreign tourists at cannabis cafes is scheduled to take effect next January.

Netherlands bans pot for foreigners

Enforcement of a new law banning all but Dutch residents from pot coffee shops has started in southern cities in the Netherlands, and will take effect throughout the country on Jan. 1.


Even though JFK’s assassination has been exhaustively scrutinized, Robert Caro offers new details.

‘The Years of Lyndon Johnson’ by Robert A. Caro

It is the most celebrated political biography of its era. The previous three volumes have won every major literary award, and the newest serving promises to be a prize-winner as well.