Mafioso’s widow confirms husband gave art to ‘friend’

The widow of Robert Guarente told authorities that she saw her husband give a painting to the Connecticut man who has become the latest person of interest in the Gardner theft.

BU students killed in crash abroad

Three Boston University students studying in New Zealand were killed and five other students from the school were injured when a van they were riding in swerved off the road.

Beverly mother gets jail for teens drinking

Tiffany Clark was sentenced to six months in jail and six months of house arrest for permitting her daughter’s friends to consume alcohol she provided in her home.


Food banks confront hunger at community colleges

Bunker Hill Community College opened its first food bank, becoming one of many schools to target campus hunger — an issue that has failed to make its way into a mainstream discussion.

Autistic jazz savant graduates from Berklee

Matt Savage gained early fame as a jazz prodigy beset by autism. On Saturday, his 20th birthday, Savage will graduate from the Berklee College of Music.

Growing into his gift, and into life

Matt Savage, an autistic musical prodigy who has been playing jazz piano and composing since he was 4, is graduating from Berklee College of Music.

As wars near end, robot firm battling

Bedford’s iRobot, which has earned millions of dollars selling products that help safeguard troops in warzones, is aggressively lobbying lawmakers to forestall cuts in Pentagon spending.

The lesser-known maladies of motherhood

Was J.D. Salinger right? Are mothers all “slightly insane”? As lovely as motherhood is, most moms do suffer from a (humorous) malady or two.


Bake sales: Not so fattening, after all

To paraphrase Mary Poppins, a spoonful of sugar at the bake sale may help the vegetables go down.

Red Sox 7, Indians 5

Buchholz gets plenty of support to beat Indians

Dustin Pedroia had three hits and three RBIs to back a solid outing by Clay Buchholz, and the Sox snapped a three-game skid Friday night.


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On basketball

Celtics shouldn’t overlook athletic Sixers

While the Philadelphia 76ers are the eighth seed and barely made the playoffs after a collapse in the final month, they present a definite challenge to the Celtics.


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Houghton Mifflin lenders agree to restructuring

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt made a deal with creditors to wipe out $3.1 billion in debt in return for stakes in the company, and has a financing commitment for $500 million.


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Bring the family

Audubon Society farm offers barnyard alternative to zoo

For more than 100 years, the Massachusetts Audubon Society has set the bar for interactive, kid-friendly animal activities.