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The Boston waterfront has arrived

The waterfront stretches from the southernmost tip of Dorchester through South Boston, to downtown, the North End, Charlestown, and finally to East Boston. Eighty-five percent of the shore is pedestrian-friendly, part of the groundbreaking public way known as the HarborWalk.

Russ Mezikofsky

It feels like the newest, coolest, and most vibrant part of the city, pulsating with activity, suddenly crammed with tourists — and even longtime Boston residents.

Joshua Green

Obama’s evolution, Romney’s devolution

In a sense, President Obama and Mitt Romney are mirror images of one another: on gay rights, each is a cautious pragmatist trying to catch up to his party.

On baseball

Defiant Josh Beckett just doesn’t get it

Beckett accepted blame for his poor start, but not for Golfgate. Said Beckett, “My off day is my off day.’’

Paul Pierce was all smiles with fans after closing out the Hawks on Thursday.

Bob Ryan

Celtics get surprise visit from Sixers now

The Celtics can’t underestimate the eighth-seeded Sixers. They need only see the now-eliminated, top-seeded Bulls as evidence of that.

Brian McGrory

Liberty Mutual CEO’s $4.5 million office makeover

The insurer spent $3,370 per square foot to renovate the office of its new chief executive, making it perhaps the most valuable real estate in Boston.

Opinion | Martha Coakley

Two-part cure for unnecessary foreclosures

It’s time to end the foreclosure crisis that has stifled the housing market and dragged down our economy, the state’s attorney general says.

Report: Small employers shift more health costs to workers

A new analysis warns that “buying down,” or shifting more costs to employees in order to save money, “may not be viable for much longer.”

Patrick: Gambling commission bogged down in ‘distractions’

The governor seemed agitated by the controversy surrounding the hiring of C. Stanley McGee, who was accused of child sexual assault in 2007.


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On basketball

Kevin Garnett celebrated during the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

Kevin Garnett’s actions spoke loudly

In a rare display of off-court emotion and brutal honesty, Garnett said insults from the Hawks’ owner fueled his furious Game 6 performance.


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JPMorgan says it lost $2b in trading

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of the bank, blamed “errors, sloppiness, and bad judgment’’ for the loss, which stemmed from a hedging strategy that backfired.


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Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins in

‘Dark Shadows’ a bloody good time

In this big-screen revamp of the late-’60s Gothic soap opera, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp recapture the show’s doomy vibe with blissful comic precision.