Blue Cross plan targets abuse of painkillers

Blue Cross Blue Shield is launching a policy to curb abuse by significantly limiting the amount of pain medication most patients can receive without prior approval from the insurer.

President Obama spoke during a campaign rally Saturday at the Siegel Center in Richmond, Va.

Poll: Romney, Obama in virtual tie in 12 swing states

President Obama holds a slim lead over Mitt Romney in a dozen states, 47 percent to 45 percent, within the margin of error in a new USA Today/Gallup poll.

// Female candidates key to Democratic Senate

From Mass. to Hawaii, Democrats are leaning heavily on their party’s women to retain control of the Senate, which they now control by a razor-thin margin.

Talbots discloses buyout offer from Sycamore of $3.05 a share

Talbots Inc. said an exclusivity agreement with a New York investment firm would value the struggling Hingham retailer at $3.05 a share.

Mass. limits checks on criminal records to 10 years

The state’s new online system for criminal background checks provides easier access for employers, but is sparking debate over people’s privacy rights.

Web app Giza 3D offers virtual tour of Pyramids

A free interactive Web app being launched Tuesday will offer the virtual explorer an animated passage through millennia-old tunnels and tombs.

THE PLATEAU: Egypt’s Giza Plateau, as rendered by Dassault Systemes Web app Giza 3D.


THE PLATEAU: Egypt’s Giza Plateau, as rendered by Dassault Systemes Web app Giza 3D.



THE INTERIOR: George Reisner, who led the 1905 Harvard-MFA expedition, is paid tribute.



THE LIFE: Hetepheres, Egyptian royalty 4,500 years ago, depicted in her palace in Giza 3D.


Giza 3D allows explorers to roam around the Giza Plateau and dive deep under the Pyramids.

for Business - 07pyramids - Giza ProjectÂ’s lead, Peter Der Manuelian. (Peter Manuelian)


Dassault’s work on the Giza project caught the attention of Peter Der Manuelian, an Egyptologist who now teaches at Harvard.

Bob Ryan

Right from start, Celtics could do no wrong

When you make 33 of your first 49 shots, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to win the game, and that’s what the Celtics did in Game 4 against the Hawks.

G cover

// copy--90x90.jpg Delving into female memory loss

New research is showing that although memory does decline during the early part of menopause, it bounces back later in most women.

Most of the employees at FreeCause, a Boston technology company, wear headphones at work.

Firms debate headphone use at the office

There is a growing debate on whether plugging in to your own personal soundtrack increases workplace productivity or undermines communication.


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Game 4: Celtics 101, Hawks 79

Both Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo harassed the Hawks’ Joe Johnson in the first half.

Celtics push Hawks to the brink

Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and the Celtics crushed the Hawks to take a 3-1 lead in their first-round playoff series.