Court examines if health law can stand without mandate

In the final day of hearings, Supreme Court justices explored whether aspects of President Obama’s health care law could remain without an individual mandate.

MBTA proposes 23% fare hike, limited service cuts

The transportation secretary called the plan a “one-year solution,” and warned that riders could see more fare increases and service cuts in the future.

Prosecutor: Reputed mobster may have info on Gardner heist

Investigators believe a reputed La Cosa Nostra member may have information related to the notorious 1990 Boston art heist.

Allen and Patricia Prue appeared in court Wednesday in St. Johnsbury, Vt., where they pleaded not guilty to the murder of Melissa Jenkins.

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Police: Suspect confesses to killing Vermont teacher

Allen Prue allegedly told police he and his wife lured the 33-year-old mother from her home and strangled her.

Illustration by Daniel Fishel for The Boston Globe

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ fever grows in Boston

The steamy book — dubbed by some as “mommy porn’’ — started life as an underground phenomenon, but as women worldwide gushed about it, the craze grew.

Top Mass. prosecutors push for expanded wiretapping

The state’s district attorneys want to extend the state’s wiretapping law and make it easier to take DNA samples from convicted felons.

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Must issues for Boston schools

It’s make-or-break time for the Boston public school system — and yet, both sides in the contract talks seem blind to the need for sweeping change.

Mac D’Alessandro

No more ‘yes, sir’

In the wake of the death of Trayvon Martin, showing unwarranted deference comes at a cost, and it has to end.


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Giants coach Tom Coughlin, left, was among the coaches who spoke to reporters at the NFL meeting on Wednesday.

NFL changes overtime rules

League owners voted to apply the playoff format in the regular season. Games will not be able to end on a field goal on the first possession.