GOP sees Tierney as wounded, beatable

Dogged by his wife’s legal troubles, Representative John Tierney is facing perhaps the most competitive House election this year, observers say.

Pregnant Medford woman killed after car hits Fla. hotel

Alanna Demella, 26, and her unborn child were killed when a car smashed into a poolside cabana.

Salem children in critical condition; mother identified

Police said Tanicia Goodwin, 25, allegedly slashed the throats of her two children, ages 3 and 8, and set fire to her apartment.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple to pay dividend, buy back $10b in stock

The world’s most valuable company, which for years had resisted calls to reward shareholders directly, is introducing a quarterly dividend of $2.65 per share.

Four dead, one hurt in shooting at Jewish school in France

A rabbi, his two small sons, and one other child were killed by a gunman who escaped on a scooter after randomly firing at people.

Scientists look for cause of lobsters’ shell disease

Researchers at the New England Aquarium are concerned that the combination of warmer waters and human-generated pollution are triggering the disease.


Lobster mystery

Scientists investigate why lobsters are getting shell disease.

Murray steals show at Saint Patrick’s breakfast

Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray, wearing a NASCAR helmet and racing jacket, poked fun at his car crash at the annual roast.

Jon Lester to start Opening Day

Lester will be on the mound for the Red Sox when the season begins April 5 in Detroit. Josh Beckett will start the home opener on April 13.

“In order to do our job well — the main job of making decisions on up to three casinos and a slot parlor — we have a huge amount of work to do.”

Stephen Crosby,  Massachusetts Gaming Commission

Globe Insiders

To Grammar’s House Spring cleaning for grammar rules

Grammar’s House can get a bit cluttered sometimes, often with rules that are capricious, spurious, or flat-out erroneous.

Nation & World

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Mitt Romney said President Obama had wanted energy prices to go up, but only recently had ‘‘an election- year conversion’’ to push them down.

Mitt Romney urges firing of energy officials

Romney not only blamed President Obama for the rising gasoline prices, but said that the president should fire three of his Cabinet members who oversee energy issues.


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Red Sox Notebook

Bobby Valentine said  the decision on Ryan Lavarnway is getting tougher, but as far as giving him a spot on the team, “I’m not quite there yet.’’

Ryan Lavarnway impressing Red Sox

Bobby Valentine loves what he’s seen from the catcher, but he’s not quite ready to give him a roster spot.


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Playing at full volume at South by Southwest

More than 2,200 bands played official showcases at the music festival, not including all the ones who showed up to play day parties and anywhere else with an electrical outlet.


“If the founding of the printed Encyclopaedia Britannica was a milestone of human improvement, its passing is even more so.”

James Carroll 


“If the Solutrean hypothesis becomes widely accepted, it would mean that the sea played a central part in human expansion. And in the matter of ‘who came first,’ it would mean that all the Americas have a new origin story to contend with.”

Gareth Cook