In Afghanistan, trust among allies erodes

Hard-earned trust has frayed between Afghan allies and US and NATO troops, eroded by violent incidents after the accidental burning of Korans by American soldiers.

Blog by soldier’s wife chronicled pain of Army life

The wife of Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, the soldier accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers last week, wrote about the travails of life as a military spouse.[1]-1516--90x90.jpg Politicians sharpen knives for annual roast

From Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray to US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, local politicians are busily working on material for the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

NStar to open information center

The center will open Monday at the Boston Public Library to aid customers affected by the Back Bay power outages.

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opinion | Gareth Cook

Why do nations fail?

Lessons from Venice provide cautionary clues to the future of the United States.

Egypt protests

The Internationalist

The lost dream of Egyptian pluralism

With the fall of Mubarak, the country was supposed to be a place where dissent could thrive. But now, that possibility looks increasingly remote, writes Thanassis Cambanis.

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Old meets new in a changing Southie

Food, it seems, is one of the surest indicators of change and has certainly kicked the “fun’’ level up a notch or two in South Boston.

“I always feel this deep kinship with Irish people in Boston. But I don’t always feel like they have this kinship with me.’’

Kelly Bates,  a mixed-race Irish-American

Globe Insiders

To Grammar’s House Spring cleaning for grammar rules

Grammar’s House can get a bit cluttered sometimes, often with rules that are capricious, spurious, or flat-out erroneous.


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Inmates push fund to cover funerals

Prisoners want to establish a community fund to pay for funeral expenses, headstones, or assistance for children whose fathers are incarcerated.


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NFL notebook

Former St. Louis Rams wide receiver Brandon Lloyd had made no secret of the fact that he wanted to play for the Patriots.

Brandon Lloyd, Patriots agree to terms

The Patriots came to terms with receiver Brandon Lloyd, and also signed defensive end/outside linebacker Trevor Scott and receiver Anthony Gonzalez.


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Longwood gets its turn with ‘Sidereus’

Questions about the creative process behind “Sidereus’’ — which is on the Longwood Symphony Orchestra’s program — have given rise to either a scandal or a tempest in a teapot.

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