Rick Santorum takes Alabama, Mississippi

Santorum notched striking victories in two Southern states and again reshaped the GOP nominating contest by challenging Mitt Romney’s front-runner status.

Rick Santorum addressed supporters in Lafayette, La.


Rick Santorum addressed supporters in Lafayette, La.

Rick Santorum supporters prayed as they waited for him to speak.


Rick Santorum supporters prayed as they waited for him to speak.

Newt Gingrich spoke in Birmingham Ala.


Newt Gingrich spoke in Birmingham, Ala.

Newt Gingrich watched returns in a hotel room with wife Callista, right, in Birmingham, Ala.


Newt Gingrich watched returns with wife Callista.

Mitt Romney made a campaign stop at William Jewell College Tuesday in Liberty, Mo.


Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Liberty, Mo.

A voter contemplated her choices in Madison, Miss.


A voter contemplated her choices in Madison, Miss.

Danny Cooper waved to motorists outside a polling place in Vestavia Hills, Ala.


Danny Cooper waved to motorists in Vestavia Hills, Ala.


Worst of outcomes for Mitt Romney

Romney’s third-place finishes in Mississippi and Alabama demonstrated that the Bible Belt is still unwilling to provide a spark for the Yankee from Massachusetts.

Bain said it has helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs over its 28-year history, backing some of Mitt Romney’s assertions on the campaign trail.

Bain letter defending deals backs Mitt Romney’s assertions

In a letter to investors, Bain Capital said it has helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs, backing some of what Romney, its founder, has said on the campaign trail.


Fire paralyzes the Back Bay

A fire that erupted in two Back Bay transformers Tuesday evening enveloped the area in black smoke, leaving more than 20,000 people without power and halting travel in the area.

Agreement gives Greig little leeway, legal observers say

With prosecutors offering Catherine Greig little in terms of a deal for pleading guilty, James “Whitey’’ Bulger’s girlfriend will now lay her fate before a US District Court judge.

Growing income gap threatens area, report says

The disparity will continue to grow unless the region’s educational system is improved and excessive costs, especially for health care, are reined in, according to a Boston Foundation report.

“If you’re the front-runner and you keep coming in third, you’re not much of a front-runner.”

Newt Gingrich,  on Mitt Romney

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Bulger may have written 2 memoirs, prosecutors say

James “Whitey’’ Bulger appears to have written one and possibly two memoirs, and now prosecutors hope to use his own words against him, according to court documents.

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Northern Arizona University freshman Tyler Dowden, 18, spoke during a news conference on Capitol Hill to announce the collection of over 130,000 letters to Congress to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling this July.

Students ask lawmakers to halt loan-interest hike

Millions of college students could be in for a shock this summer when the interest rate on a popular federally subsidized student loan doubles unless Congress acts.



Obama warns China against skirting rules on trade

President Obama warned China on Tuesday that it would not be allowed to gain a competitive advantage in world trade by “skirting the rules.’’


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LIGHTNING 6, Bruins 1

The Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos worked the puck past the Bruins' Brian Rolston in the second period as the Lightning skated to a 6-1 win.

Bruins are struck by Lightning

The Bruins again fell into a big, early hole, this time giving up four goals in the first period against the Lightning in Tampa Bay.


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Patti LuPone starred as Lucia in the musical

Broadway performers pay tribute to Patti LuPone

“Patti’s Turn,’’ a touching and funny tribute to the musical-theater legend, was performed on Monday night in New York, and Lupone enjoyed every minute of it.

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“The soldiers, and the Afghans they are helping, deserve a system that will, to the best of its ability, learn from such tragedies.”

Juliette Kayyem 


“The best-selling board game today is the board game that was the best-selling board game in 1936. That is Monopoly.”

Game publisher Eric Hautemont