Bank protest draws several hundred to church

A crowd gathered at the Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal church today to protest OneUnited Bank’s effort to foreclose on the property.

State steps up oversight of prices at gas stations

With gas prices rising steadily recently, Mass. inspectors have been tasked with ensuring that stations are not engaged in price gouging and other deceptive practices.

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Dripping demagoguery at the pump

It would be nice if politicians treated Americans like adults. Instead, the cycle of Gas Price Crazy Talk lives on, writes John E. Sununu. Obama keeps military option open on Iran

President Obama reiterated today he would use force to keep Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, but pleaded for time for diplomacy to work.

Romney gets endorsements from lawmakers

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Senator Tom Coburn endorsed Mitt Romney today on the run-up to Super Tuesday.

Instructor Garry Sanon leads a chair exercise class at Kit Clark Senior Services in Dorchester.


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Stopping age-related muscle loss

Think you have to get weak as you age? Researchers are finding ways to fight back with strategic exercise and protein intake.

World champ Kayla Harrison overcame the pain of being sexually abused by a coach.


Kayla Harrison envisions golden moment at Olympics

World champ Kayla Harrison overcame the pain of being sexually abused by a coach. Now she’s focused on winning gold in judo in this summer’s Olympics.

Editorial | From the archives: March 5, 1972

How The Globe began

The Boston Globe launched its first edition 140 years ago, on Monday, March 4, 1872. This article, published for the Globe’s centennial in 1972, tells the story of how the newspaper began.

“It was devastating, like somebody just cut the legs right out from underneath me. It was the only thing I knew how to do.”

Bernard Chafe, 57,  on the cod fishing ban in Newfoundland

Globe Insiders

Globe Talk | March 21, 6 p.m. copy-018--90x90.jpg Boston, a Comedy Capital

Join Dave Russo, Anthony Scibelli, Tony V, Jimmy Tingle, and Lenny Clark for a talk about the city’s comedy scene. Laughs guaranteed.


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Olin College’s application process stresses teamwork

Dozens of high school seniors gathered at the Olin College of Engineering for an innovative admissions process designed to test their ability to work with others.


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Product Reviews

Frozen meals have advanced over the years

The best of the 19 chicken- or shrimp-based quick meals tested by Consumer Reports are so tasty that you might forget they came from a bag in the freezer aisle.

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Vladimir Putin addressed supporters, while President Dmitry Medvedev stood nearby, at a rally in Manezhnaya Square near the Kremlin after Putin claimed victory in today’s presidential election.

Putin claims victory in Russian presidential vote

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rolled to victory in Russia’s presidential election today, according to exit polls cited by state television.


Mitt Romney greeted people yesterday in Dayton, Ohio, where he sought to make a connection with voters.

Romney seeks to connect with voters for Super Tuesday

As Super Tuesday looms with yet another make-or-break moment for his campaign, Mitt Romney is trying to rebuild his image but struggling to open up to voters.


“When [gas] prices spiked in the ’70s, the ’90s, or the ’00s, politicians of all stripes were enchanted by gilded promises of synfuels, ethanol, and hydrogen. Today, it’s pond scum.”

John E. Sununu 


“The story of St. John’s University reflects the power — and the threat — that such an education still represents to a proud nation that nevertheless hungers for new ideas.”

Patricia Wen  on the lost liberal arts university of China