Limits on birth control rejected

The Senate killed a Republican effort yesterday to let employers and health insurance companies deny coverage for items they object to on religious or moral grounds.

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Obama makes push in N.H.

President Obama fiercely defended his energy policies against Republican attacks, offering a preview of his strategy to quell voter anger over rising gas prices.

Backing unions a delicate mission for Warren

Harnessing her support among labor leaders to woo rank-and-file union members carries risk for Elizabeth Warren, as some voters view unions as special interests.

March rolls in with mix of heavy snow, rain

Central Massachusetts were blanketed by snow and freezing rain, while other communities in Eastern and Southern Massachusetts saw mostly rain.

Hazing issue ensnares Dartmouth president

Many professors accused Jim Kim of abdicating leadership on the issue, and a fourth of the school’s faculty have signed a petition calling for the banishment of single-sex fraternities.

In fishing study, US dangles $500 bait

In an experiment being conducted in Massachusetts, the federal government is working to figure out how much it would cost to persuade anglers not to fish off the coast.

Dan Shaughnessy

Varitek leaves Red Sox fans with an iconic image

We have the iconic photo of Jason Varitek smashing his catcher’s mitt into the face of Alex Rodriguez. It’s a memory of stepping up for yourself and for your team.

Harvard conference draws fire

Critics say an upcoming conference at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government on the “one-state solution’’ to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict promotes the elimination of Israel.

“We’re looking at campuses across the country and asking, have any been successful at really reducing hazing? And the general answer is, ‘Well, we’re not sure.’”

Jim Kim,  president of Dartmouth College

Globe Insiders

Globe Insiders Video hc c--90x90.jpg Behind ‘The Real Romney’

Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman talk about their new biography of GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.


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Tough job done well

Yesterday was Pervis Ryans Jr.’s first day of retirement after 34 years with the Boston Police Department, where he was the only black captain.


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Fulp leaving Hancock to lead The Partnership

Carol Fulp hopes to raise the profile of a 25-year-old nonprofit that has waged an uphill battle to increase the number of minority leaders in the state.

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Bruins 4, Devils 3

Krejci bedazzles Devils

David Krejci had the second hat trick of his career to give the Bruins an overtime win over the New Jersey Devils.


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Art Review

A detail of “Walden Pond (Morning Effect, March 13, 2007).’’

Spencer Finch aims to unite a master’s eye with high jinks

Spencer Finch’s show “Painting Air,’’ at RISD, reveals a deep debt to Claude Monet, the Impressionist beloved by the hoards and yawned at by the eye-rolling in-crowd.


“As criminal justice became a clash of mandates and bureaucratic rules, it became untethered from what was once its basic function: separating the guilty from the innocent and delivering fair punishment.”

Leon Neyfakh, on “The Collapse of American Criminal Justice”