Hotel tower may join skyline

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

One of Boston’s most prominent hoteliers is planning a tower that could rise to 35 stories near Copley Square, contributing to a flurry of building activity in the Back Bay.

Casino talk hits a chord in Taunton

A buzz of good feeling enveloped the interim City Hall, where officials announced the beginning of a process to build a casino costing at least $500 million.

Juliette Kayyem

Let parades greet our Iraq vets

There are no rules on how best to show gratitude, but a parade would unite us around what lies ahead, and what's yet to be done in Afghanistan.

Deaths of Harvard lab animals stir criticism

Animal rights groups condemned the apparent carelessness that led to the fourth monkey death at the New England Primate Research Center in less than two years.

Income for elderly falls short, study finds

The study compared income and expenses for the elderly in all 50 states and found that income in all cases fell short of basic expenses.

Ron Edmonds/Associated Press/File

The danger of invoking icons

Referencing great names of the opposing party could strike voters as crass, particularly if the icon who has died and can not defend his or her record.

Snowe triggers a shakeup in Maine politics

Senator Olympia Snowe’s decision not to seek reelection set off a scramble among Maine Democrats seeking her seat, and complicated Republican chances of gaining control of the Senate.

In hacker trial, issues of theft and free access

Ryan Harris’ case is the latest example of prosecutors levying federal charges against a defendant for helping others access information on the Internet.

Jumping off point

Karin Friberg, who competed at the 90th Harris Hill Ski Jump competition in Brattleboro, Vt., hopes to be among the first women to ski jump in the Olympics.

“This could potentially be the shot in the arm that our city needs to once again be the gem of Southeastern Massachusetts.’’

Taunton Mayor Tom Hoye,  on a casino proposal

Globe Insiders

Globe Insider Event | March 5, 5:30 p.m.[1]--90x90.jpg ‘The Real Romney’

Globe editorial page editor Peter S. Canellos moderates a discussion with Globe writers Scott Helman, Scot Lehigh, and Frank Phillips on the Republican presidential candidate.


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Bonuses on Wall Street likely to fall 14%

Wall Street cash bonuses for 2011 are expected to drop 14 percent and profits are expected to drop by half for the second year in a row, according to a forecast yesterday.


Romney in Ohio

Romney moves fight to Ohio

Mitt Romney traveled to the next battleground state to try to cut into a lead currently held by Rick Santorum and seize momentum ahead of a multistate primary next week.


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Celtics 102, Bucks 96

Celtics hold on to beat Bucks

The Celtics looked unstoppable at times last night against the Milwaukee Bucks, then found themselves looking to survive.


“As criminal justice became a clash of mandates and bureaucratic rules, it became untethered from what was once its basic function: separating the guilty from the innocent and delivering fair punishment.”

Leon Neyfakh, on “The Collapse of American Criminal Justice”