Tierney bridles at another attack

A second brother-in-law said Representative John F. Tierney was fully aware of the family’s illegal gambling operation, a charge the congressman strongly denied.

Anthony Bogues will direct the new center at Brown, where he is an Africana studies professor.

Brown University center to focus on slavery, injustice

The school will examine its historical ties to slavery and explore injustices worldwide with the launch of a center.

The bustling Waterfront district is a good place to check out the tall ships.

David L Ryan/Globe Staff

OpSail is an excuse to explore the new Boston waterfront

As the waterfront evolves, it’s adding restaurants, green space, and other attractions at a breakneck pace. Consider this your reintroduction.

Congress acts to head off student loan rate increase

After an intense political battle, the legislation prevents interest rate increases on new loans to millions of college students.

Jeff Briggs created the characters for a Boston-themed carousel featuring replicas of local fauna.

Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Boston-themed carousel designed for Greenway

Riders will sit atop replicas of a right whale, a harbor seal, and an Atlantic cod created by Jeff Briggs for the attraction.

States may opt out of Medicaid expansion

Legislators in states from New Hampshire to Texas say they are inclined to resist the expansion that could provide coverage for 17 million uninsured people.

Authors of Affordable Care law astounded by its trials

Two nonpoliticians from Mass. who helped transform the state’s health overhaul into national legislation expressed incredulity at how close the law came to being overturned.

Christopher L. Gasper

Will Kevin Garnett choose retirement or a return to Celtics?

Any hope of challenging for an 18th banner is tied to the 36-year-old Garnett’s return for an 18th season.

Life is difficult enough without losing the weekend some service of the Green Line E train, people say.

Loss of weekend E train service worries riders

Some Green Line riders said it will be an inconvenience that will complicate their lives at a time and in an area where no one wants to see life become more difficult.


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Romney says ruling brings new urgency to election

The Republican presidential challenger said Thursday’s landmark Supreme Court ruling has increased the importance of the presidential contest.

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Violent storms wreak havoc in mid-Atlantic

Strong storms swept through the mid-Atlantic Friday night, killing a woman and knocking out power to nearly 2 million people across the region.