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Syrian offensive leads to bloody day, groups say

Two opposition groups reported the death of more than 125 civilians in fighting across the country on Thursday alone.

US, world markets surge on Europe news

The Dow Jones industrial average climbed 277 points and stocks advanced in Europe on news that leaders had devised a compromise to rescue banks.

//[1]-2216--90x90.jpg Tierney ‘incredulous’ over kin’s statements

US Representative John Tierney said Friday that he was flabbergasted by Daniel Eremian’s statement that he “knew everything” about an illegal betting business.

Bill to halt student loan rate hike passes

The legislation, which also aids highway and transit programs and the federal flood insurance program, now heads to the White House for President Obama’s signatures.

Steve Greenlee/Globe Staff

Exclusive Saturday preview | 99 Bottles

The 8 best new beers in Boston

The Globe’s Steve Greenlee says farewell to Boston but leaves eight fresh beer recommendations by which to remember him.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

Where did the Supreme Court get its ‘parade of horribles’?

How an obscure Fourth of July custom from New England spawned a legal-world insult.

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan speaks to the board after she was reinstated on Tuesday. (Steve Helber/AP)

Opinion | The Podium

A teachable moment from the University of Virginia

The issues behind the dismissal and reinstatement of UVA president Teresa Sullivan are similar to those at universities across the country, argues UVA associate professor Cammy Brothers.

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Shipping up to Boston

The Globe guides you through activities as tall ships and Navy vessels pull into Boston Harbor for Operation Sail.