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Supreme Court strikes down part of Arizona immigration law

The court rejected key provisions of the law, but upheld the portion requiring police to check the status of someone they suspect of being in the US illegally.

Head sues Chelsea housing agency in pay dispute

The new head of the embattled Chelsea Housing Authority has sued the agency, alleging new board members want to tear up his contract and reduce his pay.

Cranberry industry seeks to avoid school ban

Industry officials are lobbying to keep cranberry juice off the list of sugary drinks that could soon be banned from schools.

// Rising sea level a threat in East, study says

Seas on the East Coast are rising faster than elsewhere, with Boston especially vulnerable.

Social media make a play for youth sports

A number of start-ups are offering Internet platforms designed to link coaches, parents, and players in youth leagues.

Mark Wilson for The Boston Globe

Facebook-like Web start-ups are targeting youth sports, providing ways to swap game photos, share updates, and more.

Mark Wilson for The Boston Globe

Suzanne Wynn is a parent coordinator for Mass Premier.

Mark Wilson for The Boston Globe

Peter Bradley, director of coaching for the Mass Premier Soccer club, also coaches his own team for the club.

Korrio Inc.

The team will soon be using the Korrio mobile app to communicate with parents and players.

Korrio Inc.

An image from the Korrio website.

Michael Angelakos performed with Passion Pit at the Bank of America Pavilion on Friday night.

Music Review

Passion Pit’s small-stage charm gets lost in big venue

At the Bank of America Pavilion, it was simply a case of the wrong location for the electro-bubble-pop six-piece’s music.

Former WFNX news director Henry Santoro, midday DJ Julie Kramer, and program director Keith Dakin.

Names to launch streaming radio station

The site will announce a plan to launch a station featuring alternative music and well-known personalities from WFNX-FM.

The N.H. Fish and Game Department oversees 150 to 180 rescues each year.

Reliance on smartphones leaving hikers in a bind

Officials say more hikers are skipping basic gear and relying too heavily on phones with GPS and a slew of gear-like apps to bail them out of a jam.


Political Notebook

Overall, the June 14-18 poll found that among registered voters, 47 percent say they will vote for President Obama and 44 percent for Mitt Romney, a difference that is not statistically significant.

Obama, Romney vying to win wavering voters

One-quarter of US voters are persuadable, according to a poll, and both President Obama and Mitt Romney will spend the next four months trying to sway these fickle individuals.

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Egyptians celebrated the election of their new president, Mohammed Morsi, Sunday in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

Egypt rejoices as Islamist wins vote

Egypt’s military rulers on Sunday recognized Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as the winner of the country’s first competitive presidential election.

Health and wellness

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Can loneliness shorten your lifespan?

Researchers have once again found that those who report feeling lonely or living alone have a higher risk of dying than those who don’t, according to two studies.


All-Scholastics: Honoring the area’s best

It’s time to toast local athletes for their achievements. Led by Carla Forbes of Newton North, the season’s best shined bright.