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Stocks bounce back Friday

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and other big lenders posted gains, as analysts said Thursday’s downgrades by Moody’s had been expected for months.

President Barack Obama spoke at The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Annual Conference on Friday.

Obama trumpets immigration policy to Latino group

The president delivered his first speech to a Hispanic group since his immigration policy change, one day after Mitt Romney addressed the same crowd from the same podium.

Video shows Brown talked of ‘kings and queens’ previously

A Democratic Party video shows Scott Brown has mentioned meeting with “kings and queens” several times in the past.

Ward Sutton

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Opinion

The (comic) book of Mitt

An illustrated look at how Mitt Romney would appear if he were a comic book character.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

Our underground future

Buried nuclear plants? Subterranean stadiums? The next great frontier may just lie beneath our feet.

Multiple foul balls were screaming into the stands at Fenway Park early in the Red Sox game against the Miami Marlins.

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Globe photos of the week

The best photos taken this week by Globe staff photographers, as chosen by the Globe’s photo desk.

Opinion | Making Health Care Affordable

Spending more doesn’t always lead to better care

A recent comparison of world health shows that countries that spend less often have higher quality care, writes Daniel Vasella, chairman of Novartis.